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Author: Hamid Vahid

classic pragmatism, another kind of pragmatism has recently emerged that advocates a thesis known as ‘pragmatic encroachment’. 10 While both classic and new pragmatists reject the evidentialists’ claim that pragmatic factors are epistemically irrelevant, the two differ in their construal of the

In: Grazer Philosophische Studien
Author: Samuel Kahn

In this paper I argue that Kant would have endorsed Clifford’s principle. The paper is divided into four sections. In the first, I review Kant’s argument for the practical postulates. In the second, I discuss a traditional objection to the style of argument Kant employs. In the third, I explain how Kant would respond to this objection and how this renders the practical postulates consistent with Clifford’s principle. In the fourth, I introduce positive grounds for thinking that Kant would have endorsed this principle.

In: Contemporary Pragmatism

since they have bearing on the controversial claim of pragmatic encroachment in epistemology ( Fantl & McGrath 2002, 2007, 2009, 2012 ). First, a proposition that is more informative in the sense used in the dual component model is a proposition with a lower prior probability. It does not mean that it

In: International Journal for the Study of Skepticism
Author: Spencer Case

sustained attention. Feldman embraces a narrow notion of evidence possession because he recognizes that a more expansive view opens the door to pragmatic encroachment into evidence possession. A narrow view of evidence possession has unpalatable consequences, however, and Feldman’s strategy for avoiding

In: Journal of Moral Philosophy
Author: Dirk Kindermann

Journal of Philosophy , 74 ( 4 ), 549 – 67 . Locke Dustin . 2015. Implicature and Non-Local Pragmatic Encroachment . Synthese , 1 – 24 . doi:10.1007/s11229-015-0965-0 Lutz Matt . 2014 . The Pragmatics of Pragmatic Encroachment . Synthese , 191 ( 8 ), 1717 – 1740 . MacFarlane John . 2005

In: Grazer Philosophische Studien
Author: Rico Hauswald

Stichwort „pragmatic encroachment“ und in ähnlicher Form in der Wissenschaftstheorie unter dem Stichwort „induktives Risiko“ diskutiert wird. Ich will die heterogenen – wenn auch zusammenhängenden oder zumindest verwandten – Ansätze, die zu so unterschiedlichen epistemischen Aktivitäten wie dem Glauben oder

In: Grazer Philosophische Studien
Author: Kok Yong Lee

: Oxford University Press . Fantl J. , and M. McGrath. ( 2011 ). “ Pragmatic Encroachment .” In Bernecker S. and Pritchard D. (eds.), The Routledge Companion to Epistemology , 558 – 568 . New York : Routledge . Feldman R. ( 1999

In: International Journal for the Study of Skepticism
Author: Alex Davies

( 1 ), 55 – 66 . Fumerton Robert 2010 . “ Fencing out Pragmatic Encroachment .” Philosophical Perspectives 24 ( 1 ), 243 – 253 . Hawthorne John 2004 . Knowledge and Lotteries . Oxford : Clarendon Press . Hempel Carl 1988 . “ Provisos: a Problem

In: Grazer Philosophische Studien
Author: Peter Baumann

results shows that one didn’t already know one’s ticket has lost. The above also suggests that there is “pragmatic encroachment” for the epistemic closing of epistemic cases (though it does not suggest this for knowledge): whether an epistemic case can be closed depends on the practical stakes. Let “End

In: International Journal for the Study of Skepticism