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Author: John Capps

1 Introduction According to a 2009 survey ( Bourget and Chalmers 2014 ), 51% of a targeted group of professional philosophers prefer a correspondence theory of truth while 25% prefer deflationism (477). It’s not known how many prefer a pragmatic theory of truth (the rest of the respondents

In: Contemporary Pragmatism
Author: Jong-pil Yoon

self-correcting element cannot be introduced into historical inquiry via the pragmatic theory of truth, whose process of verification comprises testing ideas through action that is what makes self-correction possible in the first place, since the historian’s primary job is not to present predictions or

In: Contemporary Pragmatism
Author: Jong-pil Yoon

offer the latter a way of verifying a belief’s agreement with reality, defining verifiability as the “ability to guide us prosperously through experience”. 70 However, the beliefs formed by the former cannot be rendered verifiable even through the future-oriented pragmatic theory of truth because it is

In: Journal of the Philosophy of History

a Pragmatic Theory of Truth  135 John Capps Philosophical Exorcism and Pragmatic Sharing of the Unsharable: A Return from Rorty to Dewey through John Cassavetes and David Lynch  157 Kenji Kuzuu When to Believe Upon Insufficient Evidence: Three Criteria

In: Contemporary Pragmatism
Author: Bryan S. Rennie

correspondence between appearance and real- ity, and then criticize a coherence theory of truth smacks of an astound- ing philosophical naivete. I cannot determine whether Olson finally takes Eliade to embrace a correspondence or a coherence theory of truth. My analysis is that he is closer to a pragmatic theory

In: Method & Theory in the Study of Religion

categories in narrative explanation in historiography and in other sciences (psychoanalysis, ethnography, etc.) are neither true nor false according to the correspondence theory of truth. It seems that Roth assumes a new version of the pragmatic theory of truth, in which a given interpretive category is

In: Towards a Revival of Analytical Philosophy of History

material world was based on a form of the pragmatic theory of truth. We are never able to discern the correspondence of our statements to the facts of the material world because we can never escape our embodiment in a particular environment. An unbiased view is not humanly possible. But we can approach

In: A Life of Scholarship with Santayana
Author: Conrad Hughes

thinking. Pragmatism One other definition of truth, slipperier and more troublesome than those mentioned, relies on the pragmatic theory of truth. 8 The idea is that correspondence and coherence theories tend to be related to statements and propositions. By establishing conduits between phrases

In: Educating for the Twenty-First Century: Seven Global Challenges
Author: Paul O. Ingram

pragmatic theory of truth). Accordingly, since only faith in the Lotus Sutra can bring the benefit of salvation in the age of nzapp5, only this religious practice conforms to "reality", meaning the way things "really are" in this degenerate age. The "five principles" and the "three proofs" provided Nichiren

In: Numen
Author: Peter Rohs

here in agreement with Frege’s, which he repeatedly calls upon. As Davidson notes, 38 this relation of truth to reality should be enough to discredit most epistemic or pragmatic theories of truth. Truth exists neither in confirmed maintainability nor in utility. Davidson also agrees with Frege that

In: Mind and the Present