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Author: Steven Levine

It is difficult to say anything in a short compass about Prof. Margolis’ rich paper. So I am going to limit myself to making two brief points. The first concerns Margolis’s claim that the contest between Kantianism and Pragmatism is decisive for determining philosophy’s future. I agree with

In: Contemporary Pragmatism

. In 2005, we argued that pragmatism and pluralism are inconsistent. The argument proceeds from pragmatic elucidations of both pragmatism and pluralism. First, we argued that although pragmatism comes in different flavors, it is always a combination of the commitments to conceptual clarification and

In: Contemporary Pragmatism

, redistribution, and political legitimacy; on the other identity, oppression, recognition, and solidarity. Rondel’s pragmatism invites political philosophers to reorient their concerns away from debates over definitions and first principles, and towards practical problems of inequality. Putting problems first, he

In: Contemporary Pragmatism
Author: Jason Blum

© Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2011 DOI: 10.1163/157006811X567706 Method and Theory in the Study of Religion 23 (2011) 83-102 M E T H O D T H E O R Y in the S T U D Y O F R E L I G I O N & Pragmatism and Naturalism in Religious Studies Jason Blum * Department of Philosophy and

In: Method & Theory in the Study of Religion