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Steven Levine

It is difficult to say anything in a short compass about Prof. Margolis’ rich paper. So I am going to limit myself to making two brief points. The first concerns Margolis’s claim that the contest between Kantianism and Pragmatism is decisive for determining philosophy’s future. I agree with

Scott F. Aikin and Robert B. Talisse

. In 2005, we argued that pragmatism and pluralism are inconsistent. The argument proceeds from pragmatic elucidations of both pragmatism and pluralism. First, we argued that although pragmatism comes in different flavors, it is always a combination of the commitments to conceptual clarification and

Jason Blum

© Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2011 DOI: 10.1163/157006811X567706 Method and Theory in the Study of Religion 23 (2011) 83-102 M E T H O D T H E O R Y in the S T U D Y O F R E L I G I O N & Pragmatism and Naturalism in Religious Studies Jason Blum * Department of Philosophy and

Mathias Girel

an important milestone in the history of post-2000 pragmatism, as Richard Shusterman’s distinctive take on this philosophical tradition is reaching its full development, after fifteen years at least of maturation of his own disciplinary proposal, Somaesthetics. William James notoriously compared

Moving Deeper into Rational Pragmatism

A Reply to My Reviewers

Jouni-Matti Kuukkanen

pragmatism. The Debt to Narrativism? What is the debt of pph to narrativism? My reviewers provide different answers. Froeyman reads my book as an attempt to give an answer to the question of what should be preserved of narrativism. 2 Similarly, Zeleňák thinks that pph shares a lot with narrativism

Alexander Livingston

No question has proven more contentious within the history of American pragmatism than that of the meaning of pragmatism itself. Pragmatism has been described, alternatively, as a method of inquiry, a theory of truth, a distinctively American expression of the will to power, a practice of

Richard T. Longoria

1 Introduction The “American” in American pragmatism is typically a reference to the nationality of the philosophers who developed the school of thought. But to what extent are ordinary Americans pragmatic in their thinking about the important issues facing their country? Is pragmatism a

Justin Bell

Pragmatism has the potential to be a big tent. At least that is what Vannatta suggests in his work, Conservatism and Pragmatism in Law, Politics, and Ethics . On Vannatta’s reading, classical conservativism and classical pragmatism not only share a considerable methodological basis and respect for

Richard Shusterman

1 Transactional Experiential Inquiry This Contemporary Pragmatism symposium, explicitly focused on Thinking through the Body 1 but more broadly concerning my work in somaesthetics, provides a welcome opportunity not only to respond to specific issues raised by the preceding five symposiasts

Colin Koopman

Introduction The philosophical traditions of genealogy, as represented by Michel Foucault, and pragmatism, as represented by John Dewey, are both deeply invested in bringing history to bear on and in our philosophical pursuits. For Foucault, the primary task of philosophy is what he called