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Energoprojekt in Nigeria

Yugoslav Construction Companies in the Developing World

Dubravka Sekulić

materials and mechanization. The design had to take into account and coordinate all these aspects and, before the actual design process took off, together with the engineering team, Bojović defined five principles to guide both design and construction: 1) total prefabrication and assembly with existing

Torsten Lange

programs since the late 1950s. It was equally characteristic for Western welfare states, where it played an important role in post-war urban reconstruction. While its roots lay in avant-garde experiments with prefabrication during the interwar years, the industrialized construction of housing only truly

Herman A.J. in den Bosch

for sperm transfer and if the male actually does prefabricate his plugs, the second could be the plug insertion (Here one has to remember that such a prefabricated plug would initially point the wrong way and would have to be turned around). Some South African Pedioplanis species show hard awns at the

Gary J. Johnson

-Christian customer, although we cannot know whether the initiative for the alteration lay with the customer or with the workshop. In any event, the stone may demonstrate that the workshop did not do business with Christians exclusively, but (given the pre-fabrication of Christian motifs) probably did anticipate more

Manfred Melzer

raw materials costs, cost-containment for new construction has become impossible in the 1980s, even though 85 per- cent of new construction is currently being done by prefabrication methods, the size of dwelling units is limited, and strict technical norms are imposed. The tendency of upward drifting


United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit Local Union 257, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, AFL-CIO v. Sebastian Electric

Editors International Labour Law Reports

offset their higher hourly wage and benefits costs against their resulting superior performance efficiency especially when coupled with their resulting reduced need for direct supervision. However, changes in technol- ogy, such as prefabrication, improved tools and simpler work methods, have cut into


Jytte Holmqvist

characters converse at a time, and very direct dialogues that often have an almost visceral effect on the viewer. Postmodern cinema has been defined as one that thrives on simulation (using comedy or pastiche to imitate former genres or styles), prefabrication (reworking what is already there rather than


Jonathan M. Bloom

Jawsaq al-Khaqani/Dar al-Khilafa at Samarra was decorated with marble friezes. 19 While an Iraqi origin is unlikely, nevertheless the modular design of the Kairouan mihrab panels does seem perfectly appropriate for prefabrication and transport, so the panels could have been made elsewhere and brought to

J.C. Woodliffe

presence during both the construction and operation of the PWR of a sizeable labour force; a system for dispersing high tem- perature cooling water discharged into the sea; and, depending on the extent to which prefabrication is possible on the mainland, the need for a construction area at the offshore

David Wood

Derrida asserts) to confuse grammatological deconstruction with a "prefabricated Heideg- gerianism," is it the "prefabrication" or the Heideggerianism that offends most? Might not the progressive uncovering of Heidegger's own problem- 105 atizing of "the value of presence" suggest perhaps that Derrida