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Philippe Joly

socialization in new democracies would consider the transformative power of bottom-up transitions. Protest participation is one dimension of political culture that could be affected by bottom-up transitions. Before the consolidation of parties, extra-electoral forms of participation such as demonstrations and

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Erica Marat

emergence of political and civic pluralism throughout the region. Their negative influence was particularly visible in the aftermath of public protests in the 2000–2010s in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Such demonstrations, whether political in nature or driven by the population

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Joanna Mossop

Introduction States are increasingly encountering resistance from community groups against the development of oil and gas deposits in their off-shore zones. The United States has seen large protests against the exploration of oil deposits around Alaska, including fleets of kayaks attempting

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Regina Smyth and Irina V. Soboleva

… there is nothing more foolish than to fight Putin in 2014 with the tactics of 2011. alexei navalny , September 15, 2014 1 ∵ On July 18, 2013, the blogger and protest leader, Alexei Navalny, left prison under a suspended sentence to continue his campaign for Moscow

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Alfred Evans

Introduction From time to time, protests in Russia have attracted attention in the West. And indeed, the number of protests in that country probably has grown since the early years of this century. 1 Most protests in Russia during the last several years have not, however, explicitly

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Amit Avigur-Eshel

Introduction One of the banners frequently raised during the 2011 mass protest in Israel – popularly referred to as the ‘Social Protest’ 1 – stated: ‘When the government [is] against the people, the people [are] against the government.’ This message conveyed two of the most central

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Drew Paul

. ilyās khūrī , Bāb al-shams 1 ∵ In January 2013, a group of Palestinian activists set up a tent village called Bāb al-shams in an Israeli-controlled area of the West Bank, which has been under Israeli occupation since the Naksah in 1967, in protest of plans to build additional settlements near

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John Postill

1 Introduction Southeast Asia boasts a pioneering history of digital activism and mobilisation, including the use of mailing lists in 1989 to protest against the Tiananmen Square massacre, the reformist movements that ushered in democratic regimes to the Philippines and Indonesia in 1998, the

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Richard Caddell

In recent years, strong concerns have been raised over the increasing numbers of disorderly protests and aggressive activism at sea. Maritime protests raise difficult – and understudied – legal questions concerning the boundaries between the legitimate application of rights of freedom of speech and assembly on the one hand, and the need to ensure safety of navigation on the other. This article examines the legal arguments in favour of maritime protest as well as national responses to it, in the context of two Polar case studies. Firstly, this article appraises the confrontational activism of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in its anti-whaling campaign in Antarctica, and the problematic application of anti-piracy legislation to more aggressive campaign groups. Secondly, this article examines the position in relation to oil platforms, as exemplified by the Prirazlomnaya dispute in the Arctic, as well as controversial developments in Antarctic jurisdictions. In so doing, this article argues that the protection accorded to direct action protests at sea is considerably more limited than many campaign groups might appreciate.

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Precarious Theatre

Staging Waiting for Godot at the Occupy Wall Street Protest

Lance Duerfahrd

In September 2011, I staged Waiting for Godot in Zuccotti Park during the Occupy Wall Street protest. 1 At that time I was putting the final touches on my research on the bizarre double life of the play: feted by intellectuals as an uncompromising experiment in modern theatre, Godot has