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Authors: Kaltiala-Heino and Välimäki

299 European Journal of Health Law 8 : 299-316, 2001. © 2002 Kluwer Law International. Printed in the Netherlands. Involuntary Commitment in Health Care An analysis of the status and rights of involuntarily treated psychiatric patients in comparison with patients treated involuntarily under

In: European Journal of Health Law

& Hagan, 1999 ). In a Norwegian study of 60 therapists (mainly psychiatric nurses, but also psychiatrists) who were clinically responsible for psychiatric patients and who joined a research project on AAI with farm animals, no differences across professions were identified with regard to the motivation

In: Society & Animals

do indicate that in some cases extra due care on the part of the physician is required. Where termination of the life of a psychiatric patient is concerned, for example, the physician must act “very cautiously” 7 and must pay “extra attention” to the due care requirements that apply to the request

In: European Journal of Health Law
Author: J. Z. T Pieper

Religious resources of psychiatric inpatients BY J.Z.T PIEPER Abstract In this paper some results of a study among psychiatric patients in a large mental hospital in the Netherlands are presented. We focus on the following issues: - the religious and spiritual beliefs and activities of the

In: Archive for the Psychology of Religion

psychiatric patient is understood in terms of mutual "en- tanglement. " Such a point of view leads the authors to analyze existential analysis through the new criteria of a strictly narrative analysis. In one of his papers entitled "Learning Through Experience, Under- standing, Interpreting in Analysis

In: Journal of Phenomenological Psychology
Author: H.J.J. Leenen

suicide. ad a) The Supreme Court accepted that psychiatric patients who are able to make up their mind as to assistance to suicide, are not excluded of such assistance. From the beginning of the euthanasia-debate in the Netherlands opinions have differed as to euthanasia or assistance to suicide to

In: European Journal of Health Law
Author: Olivier Guillod

patients. On the first count, two decisions will illustrate how Swiss courts, like the courts in a number of other countries, have recently extended liability for medical malpractice and lack of informed consent. On the second topic, I will show how differently judges still treat psychiatric patients as

In: European Journal of Health Law
Authors: L. Markenstein and C. Ploem

Mental Health Act, which dates from 1884. The act contains criteria and procedures for involuntary admission of psychiatric patients considered dangerous and makes provisions for the legal status of admitted patients. In respect to treatment of compulsorily admitted patients, either their consent or, in

In: European Journal of Health Law
Author: Johan Legemaate

emancipation and democratization movements in the 1960s played an important role in the improvement of individual legal rights for various categories of the socially disadvantaged. With regard to psychiatric patients one of the results was the new insight that the requirement of 'due process of law' was also

In: European Journal of Health Law

improving the implementation of existing legis- lation, in particular the Act on the medical treatment contract. 4. Compulsory placement and treatment in a psychiatric hospital The Bill on the compulsory confinement of psychiatric patients of 1994 that replaced the Bill on the insane of 1884 is, like its

In: European Journal of Health Law