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Many scholars have argued that processes of Europeanization and globalization have led to an increasing public sphere deficit at the European and global level (e.g. Gerhards 1993 ; Koopmans and Statham 2010a ; Risse 2010 ). The point of reference for this diagnosis is usually the institutional

In: Comparative Sociology

Introduction At least since the late 1980s the public sphere has become an important area of research in the humanities and social sciences. At its simplest, the public sphere denotes spaces in society where associates, friends and strangers can debate and discuss a range of issues and common

In: Historical Materialism
Author: Vitor Blotta

Introduction In this text I address problems concerning the public spheres of contemporary democracies and their potential to prevent social disintegration processes. According to Habermas (2007), knowledge and consciousness of norms, and solidarity between citizens of the state is what