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Maria Sophia Quine

technologization and medicalization of the female body as a defective organism and reproductive apparatus in need of remedy and repair. Female fertility and the female body became objects of intense public debate, scientific scrutiny, and medical intervention. The specter of racial sterility, so central to the

-Cultural Comparison. Toward a Better Understanding of International Fascism 62–63 Volume 1, No. 2 Articles Mircea Platon: The Iron Guard and the ‘Modern State’. Iron Guard Leaders Vasile Marin and Ion I. Moţa, and the ‘New European Order’ 65–90 Roger Griffin: Introduction to M.S. Quine’s ‘RacialSterility

Patrick Bernhard

–114. 12 Maria Sophia Quine, ‘RacialSterility” and “Hyperfecundity” in Fascist Italy: Biological Politics of Sex and Reproduction,’ Fascism 1 (2012): 92–144, accessed 8 November 2017, doi : 10.1086/599247 . 13 Quine, ‘Racial "Sterility",’ 132. 14 Ibid., 92. 15 A strikingly