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different interpretation of his democratic theory and this time along the lines of radical-democracy. It is possible to argue that his particular take on the politics of human rights has ramifications in the specific way(s) he conceptualizes democracy- as the regime where the place of power is represented

In: Populism
Cornelius Castoriadis and the Project of Radical Autonomy analyses the philosophy of Greek-born French philosopher Cornelius Castoriadis. A leading member of the influential revolutionary group, Socialism or Barbarism in France, Castoriadis analysed contemporary political subjectivity and culture in terms of the collective and individual attempt to gain autonomy. His philosophy frames a multi-dimensional analysis of modern capitalist societies, based on a systematic critique of orthodox Marxism, Heideggerian ontology and Lacanian psychology.
The present volume consists of two parts. In the first part, his most significant essays written before his departure to France in 1945 are translated and present young Castoriadis’ interpretation of Max Weber’s theory of bureaucratic societies. The second part consists of a series of essays by various scholars on aspects of Castoriadis’ mature philosophy in relation to other thinkers, and against the background of Europe’s political and social history.

RADICAL DEMOCRACY: A RATIONAL RECONSTRUCTION Mihailo MARKOVIC Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Belgrade; University of Pennsylvania Radical democracy is a form of social organization that abolishes all existing relations of political, economical and cultural domination and brings about

In: Grazer Philosophische Studien

Section I: Assessing Democracy in the West Pluralism, Legitimacy and Radical Democracy Thomas Decreus Abstract A significant number of contemporary democratic thinkers seem to agree that the core of democracy consists in keeping alive the discordant atmosphere in the political process. Their

In: Problems of Democracy: Probing the Boundaries

Introduction: Radical Democracy and Japanese Studies of Political Theory When we consider what comparative political theory is about, we can conceive not only of the comparative studies between Western and non-Western political theory, but also of those between male-centered (or patriarchal

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In: Comparative Political Theory

rhetoric, populism and the rise of radical democracies 1 have offered populism fertile ground to flourish. As a result, the defence of minority interests – which is inherent in the protection of fundamental rights – is under attack. Moreover, one cannot guarantee that the situation caused by covid -19

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In: European Convention on Human Rights Law Review