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Author: Eric Keels

Sudanese rebel group, the SPLM /A. Equally, the JEM and SLM rebel groups in Darfur had suffered significant loses against the Sudanese government. Shortly after the signing of the Darfur Peace Agreement ( DPA ), though, parties quickly backtracked on the deal and the opposition movement further

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struggle for the rights of the Bangsamoro people towards a pointless intra-Muslim conflict driven by greed. In sum, this concise historical overview of the Abusama versus Tubog feud illustrates that binary distinctions between “informal” rebel groups and “formal” state institutions do not stand up

In: Asian Journal of Social Science
Author: Suzanne Ghais

Most internal armed conflicts involve more than one rebel group, sometimes because of fragmentation of these groups; sometimes because armed organizations emerge based on different regional, ethnic, or tribal affiliations; and sometimes because different armed groups are pursuing region

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the Eastern drc , both the Congo army and rebel groups carried out gross human rights abuses. 7 The above findings are based on the premise that international human rights law applies to non-international armed conflicts and to both State and non-State actors involved. Yet, as discussed in this

In: Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies
Author: Colin Walch

to explain when and why parties decide to negotiate. It does not explicitly explain why parties stay at the negotiating table until an agreement is reached. In civil war negotiations, the decision to negotiate can be a way for the rebel group or the government to win time or legitimacy, without any

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sicarii as a unified rebel group, because such a construct fails to integrate these latest insights. 9 More precisely, Brighton and Mason have pointed out that Josephus’s use of the term sicarii is “somewhat fluid,” showing “a degree of slippage.” 10 The term seems to refer to different groups

In: Journal for the Study of Judaism
Author: Samy Ayoub

Paşa). 5 Another report indicates that Kansuh Paşa was the one who expelled these groups from Yemen. 6 On the 25 of Şaban 1041/17 March 1632, a battle between this rebel group and the Sharifs of Mecca (local officials) occurred near Mecca. The Sharifs were defeated and around 200 of their

In: Turkish Historical Review

February to March 2014. More specifically, this article will deal with three issues: 1) Russia’s provision of military equipment to rebel groups in Crimea; 2) Russia’s deployment of military forces into Crimea; and 3) Russia’s support for and subsequent recognition of Crimean statehood. The article is

In: International Community Law Review

the funds used by rebel groups in their war efforts. The article further examines the role played by the diamond industry, the international community and diamond importing countries such as the United States and Belgium in the trade of conflict diamonds. The article concludes that several resolutions

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In: African Journal of Legal Studies