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not included in documents adopted by the un for this purpose. Military services, including combat, are still not covered by the un ’s regulation of pmsc s. The un may need to adopt further rules if it decides to increase its reliance on pmsc s as peacekeepers or in peace enforcement. According

In: Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies

and Corporate Social Responsibility ( csr ) codes. Seiberth wonders how these instruments ‘contribute structurally to the weaknesses inherent in existing international law.’ 5 The doctrinal analysis exposes the lack of international consensus on the regulation of pmsc s, which has resulted in

In: Security and Human Rights

, its latest reports have primarily focused on guidelines and regulations of PMSC s’ activities at both the national and international level. Moreover, in May 2011 the Secretary-General for the first time publicly announced that the UN can resort to using the services of armed PMSC s as the last

In: Global Governance: A Review of Multilateralism and International Organizations