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Sinan Doğan

models, namely feminism, super-diversity, and conflict; which are influential for Kurdish immigrants in constructing autonomous-related self-concepts. Cultures are symbolic meaning systems consisting of representational, constructive, directive, and evocative meanings. 4 However, I challenge that there

Peter J. Verhagen and Agneta Schreurs

perspective. In contemporary thinking, there exists more or less consensus with regard to relatedness as fundamental characteristic of being human. In psychology of religion there is a tendency to take relationality as organizing principle for understanding human development and functioning and to

Cy L. Mott, Haris Dzaferbegovic, Shelby R. Timm and Howard H. Whiteman

1. Introduction The recognition and differential treatment of related individuals occurs in taxa exhibiting varying degrees of social organization (West-Eberhard, 1975; Bourke, 1997; Emlen, 1997). Among birds and mammals, the evolution of kin recognition and discrimination has been attributed to

Maggi Savin-Baden and Katherine Wimpenny

This book outlines the principles and practices of arts-related inquiry and provides both suggestions about conducting research in the field as well as case study examples. The ideas presented here have emerged from the authors’ own experiences of undertaking arts-related research and the challenges of implementing these approaches. The book therefore draws on personal research, practice and experience to address the concerns academics increasingly appear to be voicing about developing the scholarship and practice of arts-related research. There is a need for greater attention to, and clarity on, issues of theoretical positioning, methodology and methods when conducting robust and reputable arts-related research, which this book provides.

Tina Rulli

were not at issue, many people would prefer not to adopt. They prefer to have a genetically-related child (genetic child) . What moral significance does this preference have? The stakes for this question are high, for there is a strong case for a pro tanto duty to adopt. 4 A pro tanto duty is a

Claire Bowern

1. Introduction This paper focuses on the twin questions of whether language contact is facilitated by closeness of genetic relationship and whether language contact is more difficult to identify amongst more closely related languages. 1 Several approaches can be taken. The empirical, case

Various Authors & Editors

Missionary Archives - Africa
Related Missionary Travels (Africa)

The importance of missionary archives as a primary resource continues to grow as their value for the study of a variety of scholarly disciplines and subjects becomes ever more widely recognized. This collection lists 19th and 20th century archive materials relating to Africa, south of Sahara, and to Madagascar and Mauritius. There are large sections on Southern, Central and West Africa and lesser amounts on Eastern and Western Central Africa.

This collection is also included in the Missionary Archives - Africa collection.

Paul B. Larsen, Joseph Sweeney and John Gillick

In our post-9/11 world, the laws of aviation are under intense scrutiny. From torts law and victim compensation to passenger screening, pilots with guns, and international aviation agreements, the practice of aviation law is burgeoning.
The book, AVIATION LAWS: Cases, Laws, and Related Sources, fills a gap in legal literature. It is directed to both practicing lawyers and to law students. The book introduces all the major areas of air law: International air law regime, crimes involving aircraft, economic regulation of domestic and international air carriage, litigation management, domestic and international liability regimes, governmental immunity from liability, airport law, airline travel restrictions, airport law, insurance, NTSB accident investigation, aircraft financing, FAA regulation of air safety, and airline labor relations. These subjects are presented not only in explanatory text, but also in cases and related source materials. The most important texts are annexed.
The authors, Professors Larsen and Gillick, have regularly taught the course in Air Law at Georgetown University Law Center for more than 30 years. They have long time hands-on experience at the Department of Transportation and in private practice. Professor Sweeney, John D. Calamari Distinguished Professor of Law, has taught the course at Fordham University Law School for 30 years. He also has extensive transportation practice background.

Classroom adoption: $85/copy for 10 or more copies.
Student Edition : 1–57105–340-9, $95/copy

Published under the Transnational Publishers imprint.

Eltje Aderhold

Kazakhstan’s upcoming OSCE Chairmanship: Election related issues Eltje Aderhold 1 Introduction Electoral standards and commitments are at the core of the OSCE Acquis in the human dimension. The most urgent election-related challenge is the implementation of existing standards and commitments

Gidi Ne’eman, Simcha Lev-Yadun and Margarita Arianoutsou

germination response to fire-related cues? Oecologia 159: 483-492. Ojeda, F. 1998. Biogeography of seeder and resprouter Erica species in the Cape floristic region—where are the resprouters? Biol. J. Linn. Soc. 63: 331-347. Paula, S., Arianoutsou, M., Kazanis, D., Tavsanoglu, C., Lloret, F., Buhk