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Author: Mar Marcos

of pagan sacred places. Therefore, from two viewpoints, symbolic and historical, hagiography is relevant for the study of religious violence in Late Antiquity. It provides data which should be assessed within the conventions of the genre, and informs us about a model of religious behavior that

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. Kippenberg Jacobs University, P.O. Box 750 561, 28725 Bremen, Germany Abstract Current religious violence is a challenge to students of religions. Do we need categories like “cult,” “fundamentalism,” or “terrorism” in order to distinguish it from allegedly “genuine” and peaceful religion

In: Method & Theory in the Study of Religion
Author: Benyamin Intan

Peace noted that, during 2015, there had been one hundred and ninety-six cases of violation against the freedom of alongside two hundred and thirty-six of acts of violence. 5 There is a common perception that the rise of religious violence has been caused by a diminishing appreciation of pluralism

In: International Journal of Public Theology

While it is common for some Nigerian Christian theologians and pastors to discuss the role some Muslim communities play in stoking religious violence in Nigeria, there is an unfortunate reluctance to explore how some Nigerian Christians also contribute to the ongoing religious violence in the

In: International Journal of Public Theology

Henry Luce Foundation. The issue of religious violence is a topic that gets particular attention, partially due to renewed academic interest, but this attention is also being driven by contemporary events associated with the “War on Terror.” This is reflected in the number of publications associated

In: Yearbook of International Religious Demography 2018

. According to him, the very distinction between secular violence and religious violence is unhelpful, misleading, and mystifying. Perhaps one should simply say that violence is a feature of the human condition. According to Carlson, all human communities have been parties to violence, and they have invoked

In: Violence in the Hebrew Bible
Author: Ankur Barua

on the theme of ‘inculturation’, have shrewdly taken on a variety of guises with the sole aim of harvesting Hindu souls for Rome. 6 The implication, therefore, is that a worldview founded on the centrality of Christ cannot but lead to forms of religious violence practiced on groups whose indigenous

In: International Journal of Public Theology
Author: Fuller

Martha C. NUSSBAUM. Th e Clash Within: Democracy, Religious Violence, and India’s Future . Cambridge, Mass. [etc]: Harvard University Press, 2007. xviii + 403 pp., map, hardbound. ISBN: 13: 978-0-674-02482-3 In her preface to Th e Clash Within , Martha Nussbaum writes: ‘Th is is a book about

In: Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient

invisible. A major case in point in this context is the image of presumed otherness and blatant irrationality of “religious violence” that we got used to pit against the pacifying effects of secular modernity, the liberal imaginary and the ideals of discursive reason and deliberation. However, this most

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