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Author: Nikolay Gudalov

1 Introduction 1 Resilience is an increasingly popular concept. The ways resilience is applied in the related fields of International Relations ( IR ), Development Studies, and International Political Economy ( IPE ) have been largely shaped by ecological understandings of the notion, as

In: Perspectives on Global Development and Technology
Author: Natalie Kenely

’, ‘emotional intelligence’, ‘resilience’ and ‘wellbeing’ – as being intertwined. In this chapter I will explore the relationship between them. I begin by exploring these concepts separately. A Short Word on The Neuroscience of Emotion According to Salzman and Fusi (2010) , neuroscientists have until now

In: Perspectives on Wellbeing
Author: Jörg Rüpke

1 Resilience and Religion In its three millennia of (urban) history, Rome survived — and continues to survive — disasters great and small. In the imagination of Romans of the first century BCE , Roman historiography started with the Gallic invasion and the loss of all written sources

In: Numen

from in maintaining or increasing their resilience. In this article we present such research, based on several dozens of interviews and two group meetings with church planters in Europe. After presenting the pioneers’ experiences of crisis and resilience, we will conclude this article with a brief

In: Mission Studies