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Author: Guojin Hou

semantics, which respectively cope with relationship between social signs themselves, and between them and reality or real entities in the world. From 1983, which witnessed the publication of Geoffrey Leech’s book and Stephen Levinson’s, pragmatics has been developed with great rapidity. Rhetoric

In: International Review of Pragmatics
In Rhetoric and Scripture in Augustine’s Homiletic Strategy, Michael Glowasky offers an account of how Augustine's pastoral concerns shape the rhetorical strategy in his Sermones ad populum. While it has been widely recognized that Augustine draws on classical rhetoric in his sermons, how his use of rhetoric in his Sermones relates to his pastoral theology has yet to be addressed. Through careful examination of Augustine’s preaching practice, this book provides the most comprehensive account of Augustine’s homiletic strategy in his Sermones to date. As such, it helps us better appreciate the value of the Sermones ad populum as a work in its own right, while at the same time advancing our understanding of Augustine as a preacher, teacher, and pastor.

, and afterwards, more or less monotheistic. However, its usefulness in marking Israel’s historic “monotheistic turn” or capturing the character of biblical monotheism becomes problematic on several accounts. To begin, explicit monotheistic rhetoric resides primarily in Isa 44-46, and thus seems more

In: Vetus Testamentum