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collection—both the preface and the sometimes surprisingly intimate poems—I attempt to show how Qing classical kaozheng scholars may have perceived ­romantic love, female talent, and companionate relationship, cultural ­values associated with the subversive late Ming literati culture, of which courtesan


By the means of literary examples this article discusses the provocating thesis of the anthropologist Helen Fisher, who explains in her book „Why we Love“ (2004) the evolvement of love as a biochemical occurrence and tries to prove this these experimentally with the means of brain scanning. As an ongoing bond love is on one hand an anthropological basic experience, which seems to count for both sexes in all times and cultures. On the other hand, love has always been a matter of poets – who were the first creating role models concerning the sexual behaviour in the lifeworld: Romantic love is the term for the passion which binds people to one another through their feelings for each other – against all reason; in fact in the long European tradition since the invention of love by the Provencal troubadours. As it is generally known, at first glance, literature lives from the idea of the irrationality of love.

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romantic love in popular romantic novels set in colonial Australia and written by colonial Australian women in the latter half of the nineteenth century. I am particularly interested in exploring what Praed highlights in her introductory note: the impact of the colonial Australian chronotope on the ways in

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Teo, Hsu-Ming, ed., The Popular Culture of Romantic Love in Australia (Melbourne: Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2017). ISBN : 9781925588316 Studies of romantic love have become a mainstay in the efflorescing field of emotions scholarship, occupying sociologists, historians, anthropologists

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categorizations. Subsequently I shall argue that intimate relationships between women in modern Japan were a practice of romantic love. Modern Terms for Intimate Relationships While the works of Yoshiya still remain popular and are even more positively revaluated, same-sex double suicides as described above are

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Revisiting Family Values and Ideology in Marriage
The meanings of marriage and divorce have shifted significantly in the past few decades, particularly in economies in Asia where rapid economic growth has transformed the social fabric. This book arises from possibly the most comprehensive study of divorce done in Singapore. The study highlights the root causes of divorce, and focuses on the impact of changing ideologies on marital stability. Themes that surfaced in the appreciation of why some marriages fail include women's changing expectations and their roles in the family, courtship expectations and the role of romantic love, parenthood demands and work stressors. The discussions are drawn from data collected from a large-scale representative survey of a study group comprising disolved marriages as well as a control group of intact marriages. Scholars investigating marriage and family in Asia will find the rich data content useful. The sociological insight makes the book a relevant read for all interested in family dynamics.
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Editors: Letian Zhang and Yunxiang Yan
This rare unusual collection contains a total of 774 letters, most of which were written by a couple, Mr. Lu and Ms. Jiang, who lived apart for more than fifteen years between 1961 and 1986 and relied mainly on letter-writing to communicate. They passionately revealed romantic love and conjugal compassion to each other; they discussed mundane details of everyday family life including management of the household economy, efforts of interacting with in-laws, relatives, and friends, learning course of raising children, and strategies of coping with financial hardship. They also sincerely engaged each other in a soul-searching process of making themselves into socialist subjects and participating in various political campaigns.

The content of these letters is as rich and complicated as the flow of life itself in which the personal, economic and political are intermingled together. The degree of sincerity and honesty in these letters is greater than that in many other kinds of historical data because the authors are not writing for public consumption. This rare collection of personal letters presents not only a huge amount of original and disaggregated data but also constitutes an oral history of social life in China that is unintentionally being recorded by the authors.
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