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Author: Nathan B. Oman

* Rita Anne Rollins Professor of Law, William & Mary Law School. 1 Introduction The rule of law is a phrase redolent of high political philosophy. In this concept, we are apt to think, the work-a-day lawyerly tasks of precedent parsing and statute reading touch deep questions of justice

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In: Journal of Law, Religion and State
Author: Ewan Smith

1 Introduction This article tracks the development of three important themes in the Chinese Communist Party’s ( ccp ’s) account of the rule of law since China’s opening up and reform. It expands upon key documents that frame the meaning of the rule of law in the eyes of the ccp . It sets

In: China Law and Society Review
Author: Li-ann Thio

* BA Hons (Oxford); ll.m . (Harvard); Ph.D. (Cambridge); Barrister (Gray’s Inn, uk ), Provost Chair Professor, Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore. 1 The Rule of Law, Religious Liberty, and Legal Pluralism: Complementary or Conflicting Values within a Secular Democracy? The

In: Journal of Law, Religion and State

1 Introduction How does the European Union ( eu ) affect the development of the rule of law in accession and membership countries? This fundamental question has been debated by political scientists and legal scholars in a controversial way. The first generation of Europeanization scholars

In: Southeastern Europe

of governmental authority by the ‘rule of law’ 3 is no exception to this subject-matter overlap. Both national and international law dictate how the national government ought to exercise its authority against individuals and entities within its jurisdiction. International scholarship has so far

In: International Organizations Law Review