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–ground perception by interpreting ambiguous images in light of these and other expected regularities in natural scenes. © Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2012 Keywords Figure–ground, scene segregation, object convexity, configural cue, Gestalt principles, natural scene statis- tics, Bayesian inference, computational

In: Seeing and Perceiving

space, 303 pictorial vision, 303 prematurity, 143 psychophysics, 351 R reaction times, 15 receding, 15, 71 regularity, 237 relative distance, 597 retinal rod bipolar cell, 545 S scene segregation, 365 second-order motion, 213 self-motion perception, 647 sensory perception, 1

In: Seeing and Perceiving

inference model for auditory scene segregation’, 15(1) PLOS Computational Biology (2019) e1006711. 62 D. Simon, ‘A Third View of the Black Box: Cognitive Coherence in Legal Decision Making’, 71(2) The University of Chicago Law Review (2004) 511–586, p. 522. 63 J.P. Barber and P.R. Bates, ‘Videotape

In: International Criminal Law Review