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Catherine Feuillet and Kellye Eversole

. R., Bennetzen, J. L., Chalhoub, B., Chumley, F., Dvorak, J., Iwanaga, M., et al. 2004. A workshop report on wheat genome sequencing: international genome research on wheat consortium. Genetics168: 1087-1096. Jacobsen, E., Schouten, H. J. 2007. Cisgenesis strongly improves introgression

Tiasei Kikuchi, Peter J.A. Cock, Johannes Helder and John T. Jones

. , 2008 , 2009 ; Jones et al. , 2009 ). The development of high throughput sequencing technologies such as 454/Roche and Illumina sequencing offers the prospect of transcriptome and genome projects from a much wider range of nematodes than was previously possible. Indeed, transcriptome analyses

Daniel Druckman and Paul F. Diehl

democracies show lower levels of violence than those at earlier or later stages of development. 9 A third type of question concerns the sequencing of variables. Braithwaite asks about how to locate the variables that drive the mutually-reinforcing processes depicted by the framework. In this case

Matilda J. Brolin

interpreting the proper order has been called the ‘sequencing’ problem due to the unclear sequence of the two procedures. The sequencing problem has given rise to much controversy over the years. 5 Innumerable attempts at reform have been made, but thus far all to no avail. Instead, for the last 15 years

Florian Pichlmüller, Christina Straub and Véronique Helfer

). For downstream analyses, we selected seven larval samples showing different DNA concentrations (high, medium and low; table 1) from the initial dataset and evaluated if there was a lower limit of DNA quantity necessary to ensure reliable sequencing and genotyping. The two tissue samples from the road

Valentina Rovelli, Aritz Ruiz-González, Leonardo Vignoli, Daniele Macale, Vincenzo Buono, Francesca Davoli, David R. Vieites, Nadav Pezaro and Ettore Randi

Introduction The rapid progress of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) platforms has bypassed the need for marker assay development and library construction, allowing a direct comparison of large numbers of genetic sequences to identify DNA polymorphisms in a wide range of species (Narum et al., 2013

Marek Tomalak and Anna Filipiak

Sequence Alignment Editor v. (Hall, 1999). For rDNA partial sequences of B. michalskii sp. n., PCR products were directly sequenced. Sequencing was performed by Genomed (Warsaw, Poland). The sequences of the partial 18S, ITS1 and ITS2, and 28S D2-D3 regions of B. michalskii sp. n. were compared

Jessica DeLisi

1. Introduction: Sibilant-Stop Clusters and Sonority 1.1. Introduction Consonant clusters involving violations of the Sonority Sequencing Principle [ SSP ] 1 are notoriously messy cross-linguistically (see, e.g., Cho & King (2003), Vaux & Wolfe (2009) for discussion and

James Sebenius and Rebecca Hulse

International Negotiation 8: 311–338, 2003. © 2003 Kluwer Law International. Printed in the Netherlands. 311 Sequencing, Acoustic Separation, and 3-D Negotiation of Complex Barriers: Charlene Barshefsky and IP Rights in China REBECCA HULSE ¤ & JAMES K. SEBENIUS † 1 Hinckley, Allen & Snyder, 28

Silvia Geser, Laura Kaiser, Valérie Zwahlen and Sylvain Ursenbacher

statistical analyses (Buehler et al., 2011a). However, recent high-throughput genomic sequencing technologies (e.g. 454 pyrosequencing) in combination with bioinformatics tools now represent a fast and cost-effective method to produce a large amount of multi-locus species-specific markers (Abdelkrim et al