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victimization for long has been conceptualized as deadly violence against civilians, there has been an increasing attention to sexual violence. A growing policy agenda together with several resolutions in the Security Council have emphasized the need to acknowledge and deal with such violence. 2 The

In: Global Responsibility to Protect

analysis of the dk regime and the eccc , it has not been subjected to extensive review in respect of its legal treatment of sexual violence. 1 This article partly addresses that omission by focusing upon sexual violence perpetrated against women and girls, as well as forced marriage, during the dk

In: International Criminal Law Review

engages in sexual violence prevention. My scholarship focuses on transforming campus rape culture. Looking back on this memory, I am no longer trapped in that car with him. I have left the car and him inside, where he cannot harm me. In this new scenario, I am not alone; I have a lush, healthy, strong

In: Topography of Trauma: Fissures, Disruptions and Transfigurations

1 Introduction In 1995, the first criminal proceedings began before the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia ( icty ). The case of the Prosecutor v Tadic included the first numerated charges of conflict-related sexual violence. 1 This case marked the first step

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gain a sense of power over her own, as well as his, fate. There are most likely few photographs, and stories, like the one depicted in this Sarajevo office. Perpetrators of sexual violence crimes are far too often left at large; live on in complete impunity; and are not confronted by their victims

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processes; and the shortcomings of the new law against sexual violence and the misogynist comments of many politicians after the gang rape. But, perhaps most of all, the class dimensions of these protests, with the unprecedented involvement of the middle class, and its repercussions on other social groups

In: Asian Journal of Social Science
Author: Sophie Ryan

The sexual violence perpetrated against Rohingya in brutal ‘clearance operations’ by the Myanmar military (or ‘Tatmadaw’) in northern Rakhine State in late 2017 illustrates the persistent nature of conflict-related sexual violence. * The story is now a familiar one: in response to a series of

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New Perspectives in a New Era
In the #MeToo era, the scourge of sexual violence in society has come into new focus. It has become clear that women and men have been, and are, victimized to an extent that many had previously not realized. But this invisibility has largely been aided by a history of silencing victims and of impunity for perpetrators. Wartime and military sexual violence has similar patterns of invisibility, silence and impunity. Furthermore, sexual violence in wartime and beyond is a phenomenon that cannot be divorced from broader social, economic and political issues. It is this dual focus on sexual violence itself and its contexualization that lies at the heart of this volume. This volume probes new directions in understanding sexual violence during conflict, as well as analyzing ethnicity, masculinity and their relationships to sexual violence.
Author: Elena Sharratt

***** 1 Introduction This chapter explores the collective production of a shared narrative surrounding sexual violence trauma. My findings are based on evidence gathered from ethnography conducted with an all-female, self-run support group over a five-month period. During my research I observed

In: Voices of Illness: Negotiating Meaning and Identity
Author: Megan Nobert

situations of armed conflict are violations of the fundamental principle of international human rights and humanitarian law. 1 Instances of sexual violence, on all sides of the copious number of battles, can be found in every conflict – major or minor – since man started fighting wars. Despite this fact

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