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Alan Sears

sexuality that were once seen as revolutionary. Indeed, capitalism has proven to have a more robust sexual appetite than its opponents might have imagined. Yet, I want to argue here that anti-capitalist theory is crucial to renewing visions of sexual liberation that point beyond equality. Specifically, in

Rebecca S. Robinson

principled underpinnings but, in so doing, they have created a counterculture community. This chapter examines how American sexuality as advanced by popular culture has led to the promotion of modest dress among Muslim women in the United States. To understand this phenomenon, we must interrogate American

Maria Frahm-Arp

power for at least some black women, who are now able to own their own land and exercise their legal right to physical safety and autonomy. The changing nature of the politics of sexuality (Nutall 2004; Posel 2005 ) has created a new context for women (Bompani 2008 , 2010 ). Within this culture


Howard Chiang

1 Sexuality and Its History For a long time, scholars have remained oblivious to the historical study of sex and sexuality, because these concepts imply certain elements of human thought and activity that seem so basic, natural, and innate that they lack sufficient ground for critical analysis

Astrid Bochow, Astrid Bochow and Rijk van Dijk

Introduction: The Break with the Past as an Alternative Social Space In many African societies today there is a great deal of information on sexuality, relationships, the body, and health, motivated in part by the HIV/AIDS pandemic but also related to new digital media, television soap operas

Juvenile Sexuality, Kabbalah, and Catholic Reformation in Italy

Tiferet Bahurim by Pinhas Barukh ben Pelatiyah Monselice


Roni Weinstein

This book provides the first publication of the tract Tiferet Bahurim (The Glory of Youth) which was written in the mid-seventeenth century by R. Pinhas Barukh ben Pelatiyah Monselic in Ferrara, Italy. The tract was written as a guide for young men about to marry regarding their family life and their sexual deportment. By analyzing the Tiferet Bahurim Roni Weinstein addresses the following questions: What was the source of the growing interest in sexuality, and controlling juvenile sexuality? How is this tract related to centuries-old Jewish ethical literature, as well as literature in contemporary Catholic Italy? Is the Tiferet Bahurim part of the religious and cultural fermentation of the Counter-Reformation? Finally, did Jewish mysticism and pietism of Kabbalah tradition play a role in the composition of this tract?

Tola Olu Pearce

Introduction The Charismatic movement developed in the 1970s in southwestern Nigeria among university-educated youth. In this paper I turn my attention to constructions of sexuality and marriage among members as church leaders and converts attempt to craft new social identities. The wish to

Frank J. Macke

. JPP 38,2_colophon.indd I JPP 38,2_colophon.indd I 10/25/07 2:56:36 PM 10/25/07 2:56:36 PM © Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2007 DOI: 10.1163/156916207X234266 Sexuality and Parrhesia in the Phenomenology of Psychological Development: Th e Flesh of Human Communicative Embodiment and the Game of

Maxine L. Grossman

-recognized practice of eschewing marriage and sexuality, for explicitly-stated reasons—is not a useful category for a discussion of the scrolls at all. In place of the classic binary, I will argue for understanding the intimate choices of the scrolls sectarians in terms of the category of sectarian marital practice

Baasanjav Terbish

This paper describes a brief history of sexuality in Mongolian society as related to the various types of political regime that dominated the course of the last century. Based on the assertion that sexuality is subject to change, the central argument of the paper is that, by looking at the nature of sexual practices and values, it is possible to describe the very nature of political power that is one of the important drivers to bring about such changes.