Abstract: Witch / Witchcraft and Sorcerer / Sorcery

Liudmila V. Charipova

within the social framework of the Ukrainian Hetmanate at the turn of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. An allegation of sorcery against Maria-Magdalena, a result of the interrogation and torture of the Cossack official Danilo Zabelin in 1699 and linked to the charges of treason against Ivan

Christine D. Worobec

European countries had stopped prosecuting witchcraft by the 1770s. 2 As such, the Russian case presents a lens onto a world that still held ambivalent feelings about witchcraft and sorcery. Catherine the Great may have demoted most cases of witchcraft to the status of minor crimes in her 1775 provincial


Albert de Jong

accusation of “sorcery” ( jadugih ), which occurs regularly in legal and theological texts in Middle Persian. It is to these that we must turn now. 3 The dewesn and the jadug in Middle Persian Texts In 1955, R.C. Zaehner suggested that an organized “sect” of devil-worshippers ( dewesn ) had existed in

Erasmus’ Heritage

Priestly Doubts of the Magical Universe

Willem Frijhoff

, Mennonites—thoroughly medicalized the belief in sorcery, was it taken out of the realm of the supernatural, after which the Amsterdam minister Balthasar Bekker did away with the whole magical universe for good in his two-part work De betoverde weereld . 3 Although a number of enlightened French priests

Lauren Derby and Marion Werner

Introduction This essay examines popular narratives that an evil bacá 1 lurked in an export garment plant in the Santiago trade zone in the Dominican Republic in the early 2000s. 2 Bacás are spirit demons created via sorcery which are popular expressions of a range of social concerns. In

Michael D. Bailey

approved religious systems. In medieval and early modern Europe, witches came to be regarded as sworn agents of the Christian Devil, and major witch hunts ensued. This entry examines the terminology used to describe witches and witchcraft and also sorcerers and sorcery, and shows how the meanings of these