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In Search of Stability

Electoral Legitimation under Authoritarianism in Myanmar

Lee Morgenbesser

and dynamics of contemporary authoritarianism. 2 A key insight in this regard is Gerschewski’s claim that authoritarian regimes owe their stability to a combination of legitimation, repression and co-optation. A persistent problem, however, is that legitimation remains neglected compared to the other

Graeme Gill

other two processes identified in South America, destabilization of Putin’s support base and splits in the elite? In the research on South America, the principal support base for authoritarian rule has been seen to be business. 17 Business, especially big business, was crucial to the stability of

‘Stabilising the Balkans’

A Review of Welcome to the Desert of Post-Socialism: Radical Politics After Yugoslavia, edited by Srećko Horvat and Igor Štiks

Jeta Mulaj

Srećko Horvat and Igor Štiks (eds.) Welcome to the Desert of Post-Socialism: Radical Politics After Yugoslavia , London: Verso, 2014 Transition Politics and Stability A banner hangs from a burnt-out building in Prizren, Kosova, announcing ‘Europe Begins Here’. Irrespective of the

Kevin Vallier

resolve a serious problem internal to justice as fairness, namely … the fact that the account of stability in Part III of tj is not consistent with the view as a whole.” 2 Thus wpl is an extended exploration of the idea of stability in Rawls’s work and the way in which Rawls’s evolving view of

Marat Grebennikov

and secessionist aspirations, Yeltsin grew more reliant on the local elites to guarantee stability of his ailing regime that was often institutionalized in the form of bilateral treaties and personal relationships ( Mendras 2012 ). These internal bureaucratic arrangements resulted in unabashed

Alexis Galán

legitimacy and the stability and effectiveness of institutions and norms. To be more precise, the literature usually treats legitimacy as having a twofold dimension: a descriptive and an evaluative (or normative) part. The normative part refers to the obligation of achieving a certain standard; the

Amy Lu, Carola Borries, Anna Caselli and Andreas Koenig

Chapais, 1991 , for nepotistic hierarchies). 1.1. Hierarchical (in)stability Aging and demographic processes such as immigration, emigration, and death can affect an individual’s absolute rank without influencing its rank relationships with any group member (i.e., A and B both decrease in rank

When Language Resists. From Divergence to Language Dynamics

A Review Article of Stability and Divergence in Language Contact: Factors and Mechanisms (Braunmüller, Höder and Kühl, eds.)

Katja Ploog

contact do not converge. Stability and divergence in language contact: Factors and Mechanisms ( sdlc from now on) gives a rich sample of cases that make understand convergence and divergence in a more general perspective of (dynamic) language ecologies. The book follows up on the 2011 Hamburg

Heidemarie Oelze-Karow and Hans Mohr

. Plant Physiol. 1983 72 229 236 Kupke D.W. Huntington J.L. Chlorophyll a appearance in the dark in higher plants: analytical notes. Science 1963 140 49 51 Lichtenthaler H.K. Burkard G. Kuhn G. Prenzel U. Light-induced accumulation and stability of chlorophylls and chlorophyll-proteins during

Maria Josua

suggests a disaggregation of the concept of co-optation by distinguishing between either broadening or strengthening the regime base through giving certain individuals or groups a stake in the status quo. Such a mechanism of inclusion precludes dissent and therefore crucially contributes to stability. The