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interesting to find out what strategies the community leaders have. 3 Part II Combining Insights from the Literature on the Role of Community Leaders and on Coping with Stigmatisation Before we discuss the second part of our results, we need a solid theoretical starting point. Investigating the

In: Journal of Muslims in Europe
Author: Mette Hartlev

, extent and duration of the suffering that the stigmatized will be compelled to bear?’ 26 Consequently, he opens the door for a discussion of the conditions under which use of stigmatisation in public health may be ethically justified. 4.3 Stigmatisation, Health and Human Rights Bayer’s analysis

In: European Journal of Health Law
Author: Nick J. Mulé

authoritative psychiatric discourses of pathologisation. Such inclusions also contribute to the regulation of sexual desire that serve to further marginalize kinksters and, in particular, the lgbtq populations therein through systemic forms of stigmatisation. I conclude that the apa need end its conflation

In: Erotic Subjects and Outlaws
Author: Grom, Bernhard

In the history of piety, the spontaneous occurrence of wound marks that resemble the flogged, thorn-crowned, and crucified Jesus is called stigmatization. Stigmata, which were first exhibited by Francis of Assisi (1181/82–1226), have been ascribed to numerous others who as a rule possessed a strong

In: The Encyclopedia of Christianity Online
Author: Colin Pooley

population in London (2.5 per cent), rising to 4.6 per cent in 1911 (exactly the same as for Irish-born in 1851). The distancing and stigmatisation of particular groups (migrant or otherwise) comes in part from personal experience and in part from the ways in which they are represented by others

In: Journal of Migration History