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Corné J. Rademaker, Gerrit Glas and Henk Jochemsen

1 Introduction Sustainable livestock farming is a hot issue in the Netherlands and across the planet. For one, livestock farming worldwide contributes substantially to greenhouse gas emissions and related global warming ( Steinfeld et al. 2006 ). Research and development initiatives

Religion and Sustainability in Global Civil Society

Some Basic Findings from Rio+20

Evan Berry

religious and secular organizations tend towards cooperation or do they operate independent of one another or perhaps even conflictually? This paper focuses on how religious and secular organizations share the civic space related to sustainable development. An inquiry about the position of religious

Sherin Kunhibava, Sarah Tan Yen Ling and Md Khalil Ruslan

sustainable banking practices are pursued to ensure not only that banking processes minimally impact the environment but also that banking products and services become more environmentally friendly. Banks can be ‘powerful agents of change towards a more sustainable future’. 8 Research conducted on the

Eckard Rehbinder

that Europe must lay more emphasis on the sustainable use of natural resources and achieve a transition to a low resource economy. Of course, the theme has a global dimension. In a world with a growing population and growing national economies, pressures on natural resources are almost bound to


Deidra W. Arrington

exploitation remains as much a part of the fashion landscape as the garments and accessories produced. The environment continues to suffer from the lack of sustainable and renewable resources in the production of fashion. From the amount of water used to the chemicals needed to the destruction of natural

Henk Massink and Henk Jochemsen

and ultimately destroy the regenerating capacity of the planet. This raises the issue of the earth’s long-term regenerating capacity, and, as its flipside, the sustainability of present human existence on earth. As the short historical overview in section 2 shows, sustainability , as it is commonly

David Collins

observed in international investment law should be viewed in a positive light, particularly because of their facilitation of domestic regulation that addresses the needs of important social concerns, embodying what might be described as sustainable international investment. These changes are welcome

Max Salomon Jansson

authorities to purchase the cheapest option. They can, for example, use sustainability criteria to define what they want to purchase, or they can integrate such criteria into the definition of the economically most advantageous offer. 3 As part of the overarching trend of greater emphasis on

Asmawati Muhamad, Abdul Halim Syihab and Meguellati Achour

. 4 To solve the problem, various institutions need to work together to formulate a holistic working method. 5 With regard to the Islamic tradition, Prophet Muhammad SAW established the practice of sustainable living through his exemplary deeds and sayings, which advocated protecting and caring for


Joseph Akin Fadamiro

Development professionals by their training play vital roles in the shaping of the built environment. Environmental problems, inimical to the quality of life, are being addressed in the industrialised countries by environmental sustainability programmes, which have been put in place in virtually all sections of development schemes. With the whole world embracing this concept of sustainability, planning, design and development professionals in the developing countries are challenged to address their environmental problems through their proposals. This paper examines the level of intervention of these professionals through their principles of sustainable design. It thereafter investigates the effect of their contributions to the development of the urban environment in their bid towards the achievement of comfort and sustainable management of the built environment.