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of the view, articulated by Kenneth Arrow among others, that the choice of a discount rate is fundamentally a “moral” choice. 6 The most difficult question that arises concerns whether the social discount rate should incorporate some form of time preference – whether the mere fact that a

In: Journal of Moral Philosophy

determinants and effects of demographic attributes, risk preference, time preference, attitude toward money, and whether or not the partners are spending their money freely, on the division of labor and financial management of the household. In addition, we study combinations of partners who are both

In: Changing families and their lifestyles

while attacking and inhibiting the courtship of the other competitor (i.e., the secondary com- petitor). Only females expressed this time preference in the absence of competition (San- tangelo & Itzkowtiz, 2004), but both sexes visited accepted mates more in the presence of competition. These results

In: Behaviour

Canada: the Role of Agribusiness E. Wesley F. Peterson Time Preference, the Environment and the Interests of Fu- ture Generations C.J.C. Phillips and J. Tind Sorensen Sustainability in Cattle Production Systems David Pimentel Ethics, Economics and Energetics of Organic Farming L.G. Sterling, C

In: Society & Animals

and non-FT producers. 164 Table 4. Time preferences of FT vs. non-FT producers. 165 Chapter 8 Table 1. Summary characteristics of the four farmer groups (Meru Herbs, Kenya). 174 Table 2. Price and income satisfaction and socio-economic indicators (Meru Herbs, Kenya). 175 Table 3. The impact of

In: The impact of Fair Trade

activities; (ii) the effects of power inequality on the social valuation of the environment; (iii) the impact of power inequality on the rate of time preference, that is, the rate at which social decision-making discounts future welfare compared to present welfare. 10 Dinda 2004, p. 448. 11 Boyce 1994. See

In: Marxism and Ecological Economics
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. 2 For a discussion of the meaning of time in general, see Encyclopedia Britanica (1965 edn.) Vol. 22, p. 224 and Vol. 7, pp. 774–75. On “Space Time” see Vol. 21, pp. 1037ff. 82 chapter five Essentially, these principles turn on the notion of time preference which states that current consumption

In: Economic Analysis in Talmudic Literature

conditions (working hours, sanctions) • Attitudes regarding risk and time preference, job satisfaction, sense of ownership and Fair Trade awareness/importance (only for VREL workers). This set of variables can provide insights in the welfare position and livelihood strategies of the employees in both

In: The impact of Fair Trade

:// . Frederick, S., G. Loewenstein and T. O’Donoghue. 2002. Time discounting and time preference: A critical review. Journal of economic literature 40: 351-401. Time discounting and time preference: A critical review Journal of economic literature 40 351 401 Gandorfer, M., A. Hartwich and

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In: International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

Steve Matthews Value in Very Long Lives  416 Preston Greene Climate Ethics: Justifying a Positive Social Time Preference  435 Joseph Heath Book Reviews C. Rovane, The Metaphysics and Ethics of Relativism  463 Diego E. Machuca

In: Journal of Moral Philosophy