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Hilberath, Bernd Jochen, Holzem, Andreas and Slenczka, Notger

[German Version] Traditionalism in the broader sense does not correlate clearly with Christianity or any denomination. A tendency to invest long-standing tradition as a whole or particular authorities within a body of religious tradition with special dignity and binding force appears primarily in

Paul Poupard

Traditionalism is the doctrine according, to which a primitive revelation was necessary for the human race, not only to acquire knowledge of the truths of the supernatural order, but even for the fundamental truths of the metaphysical, moral and religious order: the existence of God, the

Sectarian Affiliation and Gender Traditionalism

A Study of Sunni and Shi’a Muslims in Four Predominantly Muslim Countries

Gabriel A. Acevedo and Sarah Shah

Introduction In this article we aim to contribute to the bourgeoning literature in the sociology of Islam by examining the links between Sunni-Shi’a affiliation and views towards gender traditionalism in four predominantly Muslim countries. We begin by noting previous studies that have examined

Rozaliya Garipova

. The article will first establish the theoretical framework, discussing major concepts of traditionalism and modernity. It will then introduce the journal and its contributors, underlining their perceptions of these concepts. It will proceed to analyze the three components of religious communal

Tradition vs. Traditionalism

Contemporary Perspectives in Jewish Thought


Avi Sagi

This book is a first attempt to examine the thought of key contemporary Jewish thinkers on the meaning of tradition in the context of two models. The classic model assumes that tradition reflects lack of dynamism and reflectiveness, and the present’s unqualified submission to the past. This view, however, is an image that the modernist ethos has ascribed to the tradition so as to remove it from modern existence. In the alternative model, a living tradition emerges as open and dynamic, developing through an ongoing dialogue between present and past.
The Jewish philosophers discussed in this work—Joseph B. Soloveitchik, Yeshayahu Leibowitz, David Hartman, and Eliezer Goldman—ascribe compelling canonic status to the tradition, and the analysis of their thought discloses the tension between these two models. The book carefully traces the course they have plotted along the various interpretations of tradition through their approach to Scripture and to Halakhah.

Natale Spineto

MIRCEA ELIADE AND TRADITIONALISM NATALE SPINETO In the extensive critical literature that has been devoted in recent years to Eliade's intellectual development, and to his thought in general, one of the areas where the most original results have been achieved has been that of the discovery and

Klas Grinel

University of Durham. 28 The high-level diplomatic-political frame of the Trust is thus clear, as is the deep knowledge and familiarity of the trustees with the Arab world and Islam. The closest connection with traditionalism came via Francis Clive-Ross, a publisher and writer. He started out as an editor

Gideon Aran

traditionalism, fundamentalism, and super-religiosity. Over the course of this essay I will make specific references to bibliographic sources. However I would first like to pay my debt to many experts in Jewish ultra-Orthodox society who share a recognized field of academic subspecialty — Haredi studies. 4

Birgit Menzel

’s term Occulture : 10 1. Bohemian Occulture; 2. Scientific Occulture; 3. Eastern religions—Buddhism, Shamanism and (Neo-) Hinduism; 4. Folk healing and mysticism, and 5. an example of reinvented Traditionalism. Based on this material and direct East-West contacts in the 1970–1980s, I then offer some

Rita Almeida de Carvalho

’s intensive modernizing building policy unable to seize the chance for a radical renewal of Portugal’s built environment? Why was a modernized version of traditionalism still the dominant language of the New State during this period? The Material Shape of the ‘Spirit of Discovery’ In 1932 Salazar came