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Authors: Philip Atkins and Ian Nance

. The defect is more easily seen than classified. What’s clear is that it is not a matter of invalidity or unsoundness. We shall explore several ways of classifying the defect. According to one classification, CA is question-begging . According to another, CA exhibits transmission failure . According

In: International Journal for the Study of Skepticism
Author: Simon Dierig

“ . Philosophical Studies 156 , 131 – 140 . Silins Nicholas 2005 . „Transmission Failure Failure“ . Philosophical Studies 126 , 71 – 102 . Silins Nicholas 2007 . „Basic Justification and the Moorean Response to the Skeptic“ . In: Oxford Studies in

In: Grazer Philosophische Studien
Author: Annalisa Coliva

them and to appropriate courses of experience, we do possess a perceptual justification for many ordinary empirical beliefs. 5 Closure and Transmission Failure A number of important consequences follow from such a general picture. For example, it follows that the principle of closure for

In: International Journal for the Study of Skepticism
Author: Qiong Zhang

medical doctor. Thus, rather than see- ing Wang as an epitome of “transmission failure,” this paper offers it as a showcase for * Department of History; Southern Illinois University Carbondale; 3374 Faner Hall; Mailcode 4519; Carbondale, IL 62901 (USA); This paper was origi- nally written

In: Early Science and Medicine
Lessons of Persistence and Change from Endangered Languages: Collected Essays
Author: Nancy Dorian
In Small-language Fates and Prospects Nancy C. Dorian gathers findings from decades of documenting an endangered Scottish Gaelic dialect, presenting detailed evidence of contraction and loss but also recording a positive role for imperfect speakers. Retention of language skills undervalued by linguists but positively viewed by the community has supported the survival of local Gaelic-English bilingualism well beyond early predictions. Nonetheless, potent factors that threaten small-language survival everywhere have also operated here. Negative social attitudes towards the minority population, loss of a traditional occupation, the increasing impact of majority-culture ideologies, are recurrent phenomena in small-language settings. Maintenance or revitalization efforts pose special challenges under these circumstances, as does fieldwork itself when adverse sociohistorical forces have left very few fluent speakers.
Author: Mark McBride

)-reasoning: by recognising the entailment from (1) to (3) the dogmatist is in a position to ground a belief in (3) on the very warrant that grounds his belief in (1). If there is (or need be) no transmission failure in a piece of (1)-(3) reasoning, the dogmatist must explore other avenues for finding error in

In: International Journal for the Study of Skepticism
Author: Stefan Danerek

not speak it to their children, and adults below forty are not fluent in Punan Tuvu’. With such a transmission failure the language is clearly endangered, and a prime motivation behind the publication is the local need for revitalizing resources. Soriente’s general description of the language (pp

Author: Mark McBride

. More on this later. 12 Davies (2009) uses notions of defeat and transmission failure to explain how suppositional doubt can limit the rational deployment of warrant (in (EK)-reasoning, with respect to both (1) and (3) ). Rather than explore this explanation further, I leave the explanandum

In: International Journal for the Study of Skepticism
Author: J.Adam Carter

of the Proof that have drawn much attention recently. There is Crispin Wright’s (2007) diagnosis, according to which Moore’s Proof suffers from what Wright calls transmission failure; on Wright’s view, you could accept the conclusion by deducing it from the premises only if you already had the

In: International Journal for the Study of Skepticism