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Authors: Radi Aly and Uzi Ravid

REFERENCES A.O.A.C. 1965. Olive oil acidity. In: Methods of analysis of the Association of Official Agriculture Chemists. 9th ed. In: Horwitz, W., ed. Washington, DC, p. 431. Angerosa, F. 2002. Influence of volatile compounds on virgin olive oil quality evaluated by analytical

In: Israel Journal of Plant Sciences

virgin olive oil extracted from varieties Picual and Hojiblanca and on the different components involved. J. Agric. Food Chem. 47: 121-127. International Olive Council. 1984. Document 6—International Olive Council, Madrid, Spain. Kouraba, K., Gil Ribs, J., Blanco Roldan, G.L., de Jaime

In: Israel Journal of Plant Sciences
Authors: Arnon Dag and Zohar Kerem

as well. The increased awareness worldwide of the benefits of olive oil has made “Virgin Olive Oil” the common standard, while consumers are more and more likely to ask for the highest quality “Extra Virgin Olive Oil”. Innovation and modernization have become essential for increased production, and

In: Israel Journal of Plant Sciences
Author: Alon Ben-Gal

olive trees under different irrigation regimes. Italus Hortus 3: 23-31. Dag, A., Ben-Gal, A., Yermiyahu, U., Basheer, L., Yogev, N., Kerem, Z. 2008a. The effect of irrigation level and harvest mechanization on virgin olive oil quality in a traditional rain-fed "Souri" olive orchard converted to

In: Israel Journal of Plant Sciences
Author: Nawal Nasrallah

press.’ This was the untreated cold-pressed olive oil, described as green ( akhḍar ). Good quality oil of this sort was said to be freshly extracted ( ṭarī ), clear ( ṣāfī ), and fine tasting ( ṭayyib ). It was the equivalent of today’s extra virgin olive oil. Al-Ṭighnarī, Zahrat al

In: Best of Delectable Foods and Dishes from al-Andalus and al-Maghrib: A Cookbook by Thirteenth-Century Andalusi Scholar Ibn Razīn al-Tujībī (1227–1293)
Author: Mark Grant

flame. Serve the conserve chilled in individual dishes. (4) Snails, Orib. 4.1.34 Snails Fruity virgin olive-oil Garum or salt Strong red wine It is possible to buy already prepared snails in a tin, in which case only the last of Oribasius' recommended operations need be car- ried out. Put the

In: Dieting for an Emperor

.5%) and glycerine Other products for softening cerumen include baby oil, Colacc liquid (docusate sodium), hydrogen peroxide (3%), mineral oil, sodium bicarbonate, and virgin olive oil. aDistributed only through audiologists. OTC, over-the-counter; Rx, prescription. From Roeser, R. J., & Roland, P

In: Aural Rehabilitation for People with Disabilities
In: Consumer Protection in the 21st Century: A Global Perspective

Christianorum Orientalium 652. Leuven: Peeters, 2013. Clapsis, Emmanuel. “The Dignity of the Poor and Almsgiving in St. John Chrysostom.” GOTR 56 (2011): 55-87. Clodoveo, Maria Lisa, Salvatore Camposeo, Bernardo De Gennaro, Simone Pascuzzi, and Luigi Roselli. “In the Ancient World, Virgin Olive Oil was Called

. Kounatidis , I. , Papoti , V.T. , Nenadis , N. , Franzios , G. , Oikonomou , M. , Partheniou , F. , Tsimidou , M. & Mavragani-Tsipidou , P. ( 2009 ) Evaluation of potential genotoxicity of virgin olive oil (VOO) using the Drosophila wing-spot test . J. Agric. Food Chem. , 57 , 7785

In: Animal Biology