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Maria Sophia Quine

engineering to boost the already proudly proclaimed ‘hyperfecundity’ of the Italian race incrementally, beginning with each and every individual. The Ascendancy of Biotypology In a work published in 1922, Pende coined the term ‘biotypology’ for the first time. 56 Though sometimes mistakenly portrayed

Martha K. P. Roessler, Hobart M. Smith and David Chiszar

Bidder's organs: Bufonid by-products of the evolutionary loss of hyperfecundity Martha K. P. Roessler1, Hobart M. Smith1, David Chiszar2 1 Department of Environmental, Population, and Organismic Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309-0034 2 Department of Psychology, University of

” and “Hyperfecundity” in Fascist Italy’ 91 Maria Sophia Quine: Racial ‘Sterility’ and ‘Hyperfecundity’ in Fascist Italy. The Biological Politics of Sex and Reproduction 92–144 Conference Report Jana Wolf: The Fascist Challenge. Networks, Promises for the Future and Cultures of Violence in Europe

Patrick Bernhard

–114. 12 Maria Sophia Quine, ‘Racial “Sterility” and “Hyperfecundity” in Fascist Italy: Biological Politics of Sex and Reproduction,’ Fascism 1 (2012): 92–144, accessed 8 November 2017, doi : 10.1086/599247 . 13 Quine, ‘Racial "Sterility",’ 132. 14 Ibid., 92. 15 A strikingly