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Author: Surya Deva

1 Introduction COVID -19 is posing unprecedented human rights challenges globally. Except some positive impacts ( e.g. , on the right to a clean environment), the pandemic has affected the enjoyment of almost all civil, political, economic, social and cultural human rights. 1 To illustrate

In: International Community Law Review
Author: Nora Salem

1 Introduction With a total of 105 658 476 confirmed COVID -19 cases globally, including 2 309 379 deaths as of 8 February 2021, 1 the COVID -19 pandemic presents a worldwide challenge to all spheres of life—health, economy, social security, livelihood and education. In order to contain

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In: Arab Law Quarterly
Author: Fuad Zarbiyev

If you can think about something which is attached to something else without thinking about what it is attached to, then you have what is called a legal mind. 1 Lawyers have a notorious reputation for being boring at parties. The episode of COVID-19 confirmed that they are also bad

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In: Crisis Narratives in International Law

1 Introduction: Gendered Pandemic, Gendered Diplomacy The COVID -19 pandemic — potentially the most challenging global crisis since World War II — is developing in a world of inequalities. Reports from around the world indicate inequalities shape who is affected and how, with

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In: The Hague Journal of Diplomacy
Author: Rafal Soborski

1 Introduction COVID -19 has massively destabilized our individual and collective lives both on global and national levels. The virus was first discovered in Hubei in China in November 2019, and quickly turned into a truly global menace with, as of August 2020, almost 21 million confirmed

In: Perspectives on Global Development and Technology

spesifik. Maka setiap peristiwa besar yang melanda umat ini, pasti akan ada pihak yang cuba mengaitkan peristiwa tersebut dengan hadith Nabi SAW . Begitu jugalah dengan wabak COVID -19 yang melanda dunia ketika ini. Wujud pelbagai konspirasi dan pandangan-pandangan pelbagai pihak berkaitan kemunculan

In: Al-Bayan: Journal of Qur'an and Hadith Studies