1 Introduction Around Indonesia’s vast and sprawling chain of islands, the seas are the nation’s lifeblood. Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo fully understands this. Since his election in 2014, Widodo has placed maritime governance at the top of his priorities. He introduced the doctrine of

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2007:209) of the individuals concerned, he argues, in the final analysis the coloniality of colonial urban intervention is revealed in the racial assumptions embedded in the financial and administrative systems of the colonial government (Legg 2007:20). In the case of colonial Indonesia, the name

Why rethink Indonesian media? I suggest that a fundamental review is overdue. Existing approaches are confused about their objects of study and concepts. They survive only by marginalising much of their subject matter, such as the participants’ divergent understandings and those elusive subjects

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country, Indonesia has undergone significant changes in religious life. This paper aims to examine various aspects of religious life in Indonesia viewed from the sociological perspective. 5.1 Socio Historical Aspect of Religion in Indonesia As a multicultural country where the world’s significant

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Introduction During the 1990s after the fall of President Soeharto there emerged in Indonesia a reformation movement calling for greater human rights guarantees and protections consistent with that expected in a modern democracy. This movement ushered in a reformation era, which saw

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From humble beginnings, Pentecostalism in Indonesia has grown to possibly over 9.45 million people. 1 Despite the fact that the accuracy of statistical data is questionable, the growth trend is clear. In major cities, such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang and Medan, thousands of people experience

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Despite being home to the world’s largest Muslim population, Indonesia has sizeable non-Muslim communities. The 2010 Population Census indicated that about 13% of the Indonesian population were non-Muslims ( bps - Statistics Indonesia 2011a). While Islam is the majority religion in most regions of

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Indonesia grabbed global headlines in 2015 by executing 14 narcotics prisoners during the first half of the year. The killings attracted global attention because 12 of the 14 prisoners killed were foreigners, including the citizens of several abolitionist countries. Brazil, the Netherlands, and

1 Introduction National television is as complex as the nation it represents, and Indonesia is no exception. Various culturally and historically differentiated forces have shaped national television in peculiar ways. The complexity of the television industry, especially since its liberalization in