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Mircea Platon

part, Marin referred to Legionnaires as the ‘pioneers of a new religion.’ 39 Marin’s anti-Semitism was thus ideological, principled, and ontologically rooted in racism. Marin noted that the Iron Guard’s actions were prompted by ‘the conscience of a superiority of race – the same conscience that had

"liberated" Bulgaria. Chapter 12 Antonescu Ousts the Iron Guard ' Shortish, with a cavalry officer's bandy legs, bulbous-eyed and slack-mouthed, General Antonescu was hardly prepossess ing at first sight. Yet the briefest talk with him revealed him to be snappish, unbending, and authoritarian. He had

Jeremy D. Smoak

the larger message of the Psalm. In particular, the following contends that the enigmatic phrase b ʿ lyl in verse 7 should be understood as a reference to the types of Iron Age smelting furnaces, which were partially sunk into the ground. Moreover, the use of the dyad “guard” ( šmr ) and “protect

Cristiano Grottanelli

activism on behalf of the Legion of the Archangel Michael, or the Iron Guard, the nationalistic and anti-Semitic movement lead by Corneliu Codreanu. Sacrificial ideology was a central aspect of the Legion’s political theories, as well as of the practice of its mem- bers. After the Iron Guard was outlawed

Roger Griffin

extensively based on Nazism. Even in the mid-1990s Stanley Payne, yet to be superseded as a conceptually sophisticated historian of generic fascism in all its many inter-war permutations, still categorized Italian and German fascism as ‘the dominant type’, while Falangism and the Iron Guard are classified as

-Cultural Comparison. Toward a Better Understanding of International Fascism 62–63 Volume 1, No. 2 Articles Mircea Platon: The Iron Guard and the ‘Modern State’. Iron Guard Leaders Vasile Marin and Ion I. Moţa, and the ‘New European Order’ 65–90 Roger Griffin: Introduction to M.S. Quine’s ‘Racial “Sterility


Joshua Zhang and James D. Wright

. After being briefed on the situation, he, the young leader, decided immediately to interrogate Wang Jin in person. They took Wang Jin, who had not eaten anything for the day, out of the storage room under the stairs. After only a few questions, an impatient Red Guard A snatched an iron rod from Red

Donald Wagner

the guards abandon their posts and  ee. This region produces Ž ne iron, and the people are all excellent smiths. If some of the smelting householdsÕ money is distributed to call up [the local] hoodlums, then a mob could quickly be gathered, and weapons for several thousand men could be supplied in no

Vladimir Socor and Yeshayahu Jelinek

DOCUMENT VLADIMIR SOCOR (New York, U.S.A.) YESHAYAHU JELINEK (Philadelphia, U.S.A.) compilers, translators, and editors Polish Diplomatic Reports on the Political Crisis in Romania, September 1940 The Iron Guard's advent to power in September, 1940, remains one of the least documented chapters

Onwuka N. Njoku

a goat and sprinkled its blood on his work kit placed on his anvil. He then chanted a prayer to the god of iron so that the forge would bring nothing but success to him. He started his day's tasks with an invocation to the deity and the ancestors to guard the forge, prevent accidents therein and