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Céline Drèze

Within the complex history of the Jesuits’ relationship to music, the sphere of Marian sodalities constitutes a privileged domain of musical expression, which, in contrast to spectacular liturgical festivities or theatrical works, has scarcely attracted the attention of researchers. Most of the

Eder, Manfred

[German Version] Marian Congregations or sodalities are Catholic lay fellowships or associations that seek to help their members grow in the faith, live their religion in everyday life, and support the apostolic mission of the church. To make Jesuit spirituality (Jesuits) available to lay people


Barbara Wisch

procession that included 39 guilds and their sodalities, Salvatore confratelli bore the miraculous Savior icon from the Sancta Sanctorum to S. Maria Maggiore, where the Gonfalone served as caretaker of the miracle-working Marian icon housed there. To prevent laymen from having direct, unmediated contact

Daniele V. Filippi

activities, locales, and cultural objects, highlighting the dynamic nature of Jesuit networks in the longue durée perspective of the early modern era (here primarily 1550–1750): from the fostering of devotional songs in Marian sodalities to the implementation of a Jesuit soundscape in extra

Peter M. Daly

extent to which Marian piety dominated the Jesuits’ subsequent endeavors is debatable. This is not to deny Mary’s importance or to forget the order’s many Marian sodalities throughout the world. Bonacci’s study may well appear to support Schneider’s position (92–97). But the centrality of the Virgin Mary

Christian Thomas Leitmeir

sodalities (especially Marian Congregations) their use of song as a propagandistic and devotional device, music in Jesuit plays, processions (theorized by the Jesuit Jakob Gretser) and public spectacle (culminating with consecration of the Mariensäule , a column crowned by Mary as patroness of Bavaria, in

J. Kürzinger

: Clarendon Press, 1997) XVIII, 365 pages. Clive Emsley: The English police: a political and social history. 2nd. ed. (London: Long- man, 1996) XIII, 287 pages. Richard V. Ericson, Kevin D. Haggerty: Policing the risk society (Oxford: Clarendon, 1997) XIV, 487 pages. Marian FitzGerald, Chris Hale: Ethnic

Sarah Covington

the boys of the Marian sodality there, offers further insights into Campion’s distinctive work as spiritual director. Victor Houliston, meanwhile, contributes a fine essay on Robert Persons—the “Hispanized Camelion” ( sic )—and his tricky and complex dealings with Philip ii , the “most Catholic king

Mark A. Lewis S.J.

discussion of the trends from charity ad intra (towards the confraternities’ own members and their families) to charity ad extra (providing charity towards the needy outside of the organization). This turn outwards is key to the development of the Marian congregations (sodalities) that were established


Beata Wojciechowska

of Our Lady of Loreto. Starting in 1563 (in Poland in 1571), the Jesuits established sodalities 52 of Our Lady, intended mainly for students, especially those in Jesuit colleges, but also sodalities of craftsmen, gentry, and even the poor. Those sodalities and confraternities had various Marian