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theory and in documentary practice that character “is revealed in the choices a human being makes under pressure” ( McKee, 1999 , p. 101). Documentarians often choose to film a person at a point of crisis, and true to form, I filmed the river when it was “under pressure.” The Murray section of the river

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the infamous activities of Cubbie Station, which was allowed (indeed actively enabled) by the State government to build giant dams impounding a quarter of the water that would otherwise flow into the Darling River and into the devastated Murray-Darling Basin (see Strang 2013b). At the same time

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way into actual management paradigms or they outline gover- nance. We discuss the basins in descending order of their incorporation of those elements. Australia’s Murray-Darling River basin, which is commonly cited as a paragon of good water management in a water-scarce region, has adopted aspects of

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-state water disputes. Australia has a British common law heritage and manages a challenging inter-jurisdictional river, the Murray-Darling, which flows through Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia. 62 As with u.s. inter-state compacts, Australia also established the Murray-Darling

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history of world literature. I will discuss the game of chess as Marie and her contemporaries knew it in twelfth- and early thirteenth-century Europe in order to show how Marie's objectives are served by the comparison. My source for this information is HJ.R. Murray's great classic work, A History of Ches

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; the Danube, with an in-depth focus on the Gabcikovo/Nagymaros dispute, and the Elbe in Europe; the La Plata basin in Latin America; the Senegal, Chad, and Niger basins in Africa; the Tigris-Euphrates, Indus, Ganges- Brahmaputra, and Mekong basins in Asia; and the inter-state Murray-Darling basin in

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long-time friend Paul Darling, Arnott was nonetheless committed to following what she perceived to be God’s plan, homesick and anxious though she was when she arrived in Angola. By 1913, when she returned home on furlough, became re-acquainted with Paul and, this time, accepted his proposal, Arnott

In: Social Sciences and Missions . Hartcher , M. , & D. Lemon , Data Management for the Murray-Darling Basin Sustainable Yields Project. A Report to the Australian Government for the CSIRO Murray-Darling Basin Sustainable Yields Project ( Australia

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in olive nurseries at Pedrera and Villaverde del Río, in Sevilla province, southern Spain. Other collections came from New South Wales, Australia, from uncultivated clay soil with mixed vegetation on the banks of the Murray river near Dareton, the Ana Branch of the Darling river, 20-25 km N from

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materials such as cracked clay, raw cotton, soils, grass, bones, aged timber and the domestic and agricultural detritus of rural life. 14 In recent years Williams’ practice has involved prolonged phases of social research, for instance with people whose homes and neighbourhoods border the Darling River, an

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