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, 2020; Silva et al., 2021). To protect humans against this virus, personal protective equipment (PPE) is being used more frequently. China, for example, increased face mask production by 450% in just one month (Bown, 2020). It is estimated that we have a monthly use of 129 billion face masks and 65

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In: Animal Biology

Note Aaron Salomon received his PhD in Philosophy from the University of Pittsburgh in 2022. He is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of ppe and Philosophy at Wabash College. Salomon’s research centers around the role that social practices, both actual and hypothetical, play in determining

In: Journal of Moral Philosophy

study was to evaluate the Fourier-transformed infrared (FT-IR) spectra and the mechanical properties of edible chitosan films containing ethanolic-aqueous potato peel extract (PPE). The PPE was subjected to sterilisation (autoclaved at 121 °C during 15 min and gamma irradiated at 20 kGy/h). Chitosan

In: 63rd International Congress of Meat Science and Technology

represents a real international phenomenon, which I discuss in this article, called private peace entrepreneurs ( ppe s). ppe s are individual, private citizens with no official authority who initiate diplomatic correspondence with official representatives from the opposing side during a conflict, in

In: International Negotiation

, USA) (Accepted: 14 June 2011) Summary Male mammals are attracted to the scent marks of sexually receptive female conspecifics. Male voles spend more time investigating the scent marks of female voles in postpartum oestrus (PPE), a heightened state of sexual receptivity that occurs following the

In: Behaviour