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Tamir Bar-On

comprehensive in their comparison of Islamism and fascism. 78 Unfortunately, few scholars have meticulously attempted to seriously compare and contrast Islamism and fascism. Clerical fascism is the closest ideologically to Islamism. In short, Islamism does not equal fascism, but Islamism is a form of

Susanne Hohler

Russian fascists. See for example: Roger Eatwell, ‘Reflections on Fascism and Religion,’ Totalitarian Movements & Political Religions 4 (2003): 145-166; Matthew Feldman, ed., Clerical Fascism in Interwar Europe (London: Routledge, 2008); Derek Hastings, Catholicism and the Roots of Nazism: Religious

Back to the Future

Italian Fascist Representations of the Roman Past

Jan Nelis

Analytical Category,’ Contemporary European History 18, no. 4 (2009): 381–414, and Jan Nelis, ‘The Clerical Response to a Totalitarian Political Religion: La Civiltà Cattolica and Italian Fascism,’ Journal of Contemporary History 46, no. 2 (2011): 245–270. 5 In this context, the most complete and

The Irreligiousness of Fascism

The Concept of a “Religion of the State” in Raffaele Pettazzoni’s Studies — Analysis of the Subtext

Valerio S. Severino

wide debate on the sacralization of politics ranged from Eric Voegelin’s theories on political religions ( 1939 ), to the problems raised by Robert Bellah’s concept of a civil religion (1967) and George Mosse’s nationalization of the masses ( 1975 ). Among these, Emilio Gentile’s research on Fascism as

Cosmin Sebastian Cercel

understand the Legion’s ideology as a form of ‘clerical fascism’. 38 The undeniable religious thrust of the legionary ideology prompted a historian such as Eugen Weber to describe this movement as essentially a reaction to modernity specific to a backward society. 39 At a closer look, ‘the only “fascist


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Discussion and summary on fascism. Report on the programme of the Communist International. Resolution on the Communist International’s programme . Speakers: Krajewski, Böttcher, Frey, Serra, Šmeral, Gyptner, Radek, Zetkin, Bukharin . (Amter opened the session after 12:00 noon.) Anton Krajewski

Miroslav Mareš

, headed by former Rodobrana leader Štěpán Slavotínek and boasting only between ten and twenty members. 37 As indicated above, in Moravia a strong foundation (around nine thousand members) 38 was created for the fascist movement, which was partially intertwined with Catholic clerical fascism. A great

Charles R. Gallagher

since the end of World War I. More controversially, Castagna argues that the diplomatic relationship between the United States and the Holy See was cemented in the late 1930s over the issue of a mutually robust anti-fascism. In connection to Castagna’s excellent new research chronicling the two

Yeshayahu Jelinek

Polonophiles under Karol Sidor; the Christian Social Trade Unionists, and the Central-Slovakians, led by Father Dr. Jozef Tiso. Tiso attracted the advocates of "Christian Democracy," actually a euphemism for "Clerical Fascism." From the ranks of the radicals emerged the "separatists"-partisans of Slovakia

Tamir Bar-On

Aleksandr Dugin (b. 1962) is viewed today as one of the greatest proponents of Russian expansionism, ultra-nationalism, fascism, and Eurasianism (i.e., a European-Asian alliance against the neo-liberal USA) along imperial lines. 7 Dugin is close to the National Bolshevik Party and Eurasia Movement, which