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context to answer this question. In doing so, I outline three primary metaphors that will help us to think about “environmental ethics” from a planetary perspective: Entanglement, Multiple Causality, and Rainbow Time. In other words our problems as well as our identities are involved in planetary

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In: Worldviews: Global Religions, Culture, and Ecology

entanglement of, rather than an interaction between, human and nonhuman bodies and lifeworlds. In what follows I will demonstrate that this ecological conception of sexuality not only encourages a new materialist understanding of the self as “perpetually interconnected with the flows of substances and the

In: Entanglements and Weavings: Diffractive Approaches to Gender and Love
Author: Andreas Weber

matter. This is what organisms do: they express that physical reality is not about matter and forces alone, but about inwardness, too. Physical reality is total entanglement of self and matter. 2. The Quantum Leap of Biology Biology is joining the physical sciences in a