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Clifton Clarke

hermeneutical lens through which I read the Bible is therefore heavily influenced by what Gerald West calls the ‘ordinary reader’. 1 It was from this perspective that I found reading Frederick Gaiser’s book Healing in the Bible very instructive. My review of and interaction with Gaiser’s book will therefore

The Dark Side of Prayer for Healing

Toward a Theology of Well-Being

Shane Clifton

Introduction Healing has been so central to pentecostal theology and practice that, alongside Spirit baptism, it has come to define the movement. 1 Indeed, Pentecostals have elevated the importance of miraculous healing to such an extent that it is inextricably bound to theories of


Sônia Aparecida Bortolotto Torezan

God. He quiets our hearts, protects our health and renews our healthy cells. We are immune, averse and refractory to negative thoughts, words and actions. Everything good will come to us at the right time. We had cancer and other serious diseases. We are now in a self-healing process and we feel fine

Keith Warrington

, ‘Acts and the Healing Narratives: Why’, published in JPT 14.2 (April 2006), pp. 189-217. In it I sought to explore the purposes of Luke in selecting and presenting the healing miracles in the way that he did in the Acts of the Apostles whilst positing lessons for the readers then and now. This rejoinder

Hans Olsson

illness which required regular consultation with traditional (Muslim) healers ( waganga wa kienyeji ). But nothing helped until a major event occurred in her life that changed everything. With joy and gravity, Raheli 1 explains that her life took a new turn when, a few years ago, just across the road

Desire for Self-healing

Lay Practice of Satipaṭṭhāna in Contemporary China

Ngar-sze Lau

Shanghai. Many people have told me about their experiences of profound changes in mind and body. This paper thus describes how contemporary Chinese are involved in the practice of satipaṭṭhāna specifically for self-healing. From the interviews with the retreat participants, I examine three themes

Barbara A. Kaminska

, Beggars and Cripples. Drawing, 28.5 x 20.8cm, ca. 1550–60 . Graphische Sammlung Albertina, Vienna These pragmatic considerations must have rung in viewers’ heads as they approached paintings of biblical healings, which in Northern Europe typically portrayed the lame in contemporary clothing, bringing

Frederick J. Gaiser

certain definitions of faith healing were implicit references to the Pentecostal movement per se. Here, let me quickly affirm that they were not. I have met those who espouse triumphalistic theologies within virtually every Christian tradition, and I have met other Pentecostals, who, like Chris, want to

Britt Halvorson

© Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2010 DOI: 10.1163/157006610X545983 Journal of Religion in Africa 40 (2010) 413-441 Translating the Fifohazana (Awakening): The Politics of Healing and the Colonial Mission Legacy in African Christian Missionization Britt Halvorson Colby College

Rebecca G.S. Idestrom

1. Introduction and Overview I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book Healing in the Bible by Frederick Gaiser. He presents a very balanced and carefully nuanced approach to the topic of healing in the Bible. Gaiser’s understanding of healing is very holistic and life affirming, rooted in