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Ghaith Mqawass

I Introduction Because Syria is considered a developing country, the integration of education and technology is still in its infancy. However, there are some existing experiments, which show that this process has truly been initiated. The use of lego robotics has spread through multiple schools


Perspektiven einer volkskundlichen Spielmittelforschung am Beispiel LEGO


Tobias Hammerl


Edited by Sabine Doering-Manteuffel, Heidrun Alzheimer, Angela Treiber and Daniel Drascek

Inhalt: Claudia Selheim Zum musealen Umgang mit 'Bauernstuben' Wege der Sachkulturforschung Inge Weid Zur Popularisierung des Trachtenbewusstseins in der Oberpfalz. Trachtengrafik und die 'Bavaria. Landes- und Volkskunde des Königreichs Bayern' Tobias Hammerl LEGO. Perspektiven einer volkskundlichen Spielmittelforschung am Beispiel LEGO Monika Ständecke Das Münchner Volkskunstmuseum der Firma 'Wallach' Justin Stagl Kultur, Kulturen, Kulturalismus Friedemann Schmoll Heinrich Harmjanz. Skizzen aus der nationalsozialistischen Wissenschaftspolitik Peter-Christian Wegner Druckgraphik als Vermittler zwischen Literatur und Kunsthandwerk Julia Waldner Beredtes Schweigen. Brieftagebücher eines Augsburger Majors aus dem Ersten Weltkrieg Maria Christa Maennersdoerfer Das Exempel der obsessiven Trauer im Internet Marina Jaciuk 'Nicht-kanonisierte-Heilige' als transkulturelle Symbole. Das Beispiel von Jesús Malverde in Mexiko


Georghios M. Pikis

The book is meant to elucidate the concept of justice and its dictates in the various fields of life as well as the implications of injustice. Human rights, the rule of law and democracy are the offspring of justice. The Judiciary is the agent of justice, the persona of justice, trusted to uphold justice in the ever-changing circumstances of life. Of old, justice was perceived as encompassing all virtues. It has a pananthropic character charting the way for symmetry in life and the ascent of man. The book has a lego-philosophical character of interest to every anthropological and societal discipline.


Sophie van den Bergh

representations, and show that Badiou’s notion of thinking through the Holocaust may offer a way of working through the trauma of this event. The first case study is Zbigniew Libera’s lego Concentration Camp Set (1996), a toy set that consists of seven boxes filled with lego bricks and small plastic

Amber Simpson, Jackie Barnes and Adam V. Maltese

, Bailey, who decides to build a car. More specifically, youth were engaged in constructing something, anything, using LEGOs and incorporating littleBits 1 (2018) as part of an afterschool making program in an elementary school operated by facilitators from a local science museum. In presenting the case

Narrative for Motivation and Meaning Making

Examples from the Universe of LEGO High Tech Toys

Olga Timcenko

This paper analyzes examples of using narratives in the universe of LEGO multimedia children toys. As these toys require a certain amount of technological knowledge that average children do not posses or might have difficulties to obtain, narratives are successfully used for making children interested in the specific challenges and for motivating them to start on the learning curve. I argue that narratives could potentially have significantly broader implementation, allowing for actual learning of mechanical constructions, computer programming, and other technical contents in a more efficient and joyful way, motivating and engaging even those children not initially inclined towards abstract thinking. I believe that research efforts in this area could be fruitful.