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Hussein N. Kadhim

`? 90 And in Paris harlots take Their pillows from the agony of Christ While sterility passed the night planting in their guts The mouth of the tinnin: hissing And hurling at our sanctuaries 95 Iron legions, like horsemen but without souls, That encroach beyond Mecca upon fortresses we built And upon

Bridget Connelly

in his prime, victorious in grazing and water- rights disputes, always able to conquer the enemy-impending sterility and aridity-and to re-establish fertile life. Framed as they are around the life cycle of a legendary tribal hero, the tales depict the ordinary events of life in a symbolic

Hoda El Shakry

him, by the racial dynamics of French imperialism; Algeria is not simply ‘Arab.’ His emphasis on the ethnic diversity of the Imazighen not only demonstrates the heterogeneity of Algeria’s ‘Berber’ populations, but also their increased presence throughout the country. While Bū al-Arwāḥ’s surprise

The View from Beyond

Diaspora and Intertextuality in Ilyās Khūrī’s Majmaʿ al-asrār

Christina Civantos

sometimes lumped together under one ethnic, racial, or national rubric, and at the same time, diaspora as a concept aims to consider the relationship of people to specific locations and communities. I use the term “diaspora” to designate perceived connections between a community and a distant place

Dahlia E. M. Gubara

’s civilizational advancement. Indeed, as the very concept of a common humanity was being forged along with the attendant theorization of racial/civilizational difference, The Library was identified as signifier of Progress. As such, it could only exist fully in the beating heart of modernity: the West