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Andrea Acri, Helen Creese, and Arlo Griffiths (eds), From Laṅkā Eastwards: The Rāmāyaṇa in the literature and visual arts of Indonesia (Dick van der Meij) Michael Arthur Aung-Thwin and Kenneth R. Hall (eds), New perspectives on the history and historiography of Southeast Asia: Continuing explorations (David Henley) Steven Farram, A short-lived enthusiasm: The Australian consulate in Portuguese Timor (Hans Hägerdal) R. Michael Feener, Patrick Daly and Anthony Reid (eds), Mapping the Acehnese past (William Bradley Horton) Geoffrey C. Gunn, History without borders: The making of an Asian world region, 1000-1800 (Craig A. Lockard) Andrew Hardy, Mauro Cucarzi and Patrizia Zolese, (eds), Champa and the archaeology of Mỹ Sơn (Vietnam) (William A. Southworth) Jac. Hoogerbrugge, Asmat: Arts, crafts and people; A photographic diary, 1969-1974 (Karen Jacobs) Felicia Katz-Harris, Inside the puppet box: A performance of wayang kulit at the Museum of international folk art (Sadiah Boonstra) Douglas Lewis, The Stranger-Kings of Sikka (Keng We Koh) Jennifer Lindsay and Maya H.T. Liem (eds), Heirs to world culture: Being Indonesian 1950-1965 (Manneke Budiman) Trần Kỳ Phương and Bruce M. Lockhart, The Cham of Vietnam: History, society and art (Arlo Griffiths) Krishna Sen and David T. Hill (eds), Politics and the media in twenty-first century Indonesia: Decade of democracy (E.P. Wieringa) Andrew N. Weintraub (ed.), Islam and popular culture in Indonesia and Malaysia (Andy Fuller) Meredith L. Weiss, Student activism in Malaysia: Crucible, mirror, sideshow (Richard Baxstrom) Widjojo Nitisastro, The Indonesian development experience: A collection of writings and speeches of Widjojo Nitisastro (J. Thomas Lindblad)

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countries of origin. Two curators, Sadiah Boonstra and Priya Swamy, provide written responses to this roundtable: foregrounding the importance of truly intersectional policies and practices, Boonstra argues for a paradigm shift in our understandings of repatriation and restitution, while Swamy emphasizes

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AndrewMcWilliam, Post-conflict Social and Economic Recovery in Timor-Leste: Redemptive Legacies 435 Christopher Shepherd JanMrázek,Wayang& Its Doubles: Javanese Puppet Theatre, Television, and the Internet 152 Sadiah Boonstra Rudolf Mrázek, The Complete Lives of Camp People: Colonialism, Fascism

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