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Matthew Kott

participate in these epoch-defining wars, are often equally, if not more significant for the mass mobilization of fascist parties and movements. Over time, however, fascist movements return to the image of the war veteran as the ideal fascist man, for example after the Spanish Civil War (a crucible of

Susanne Hohler

the New Generation] or the Russian National Union of War Veterans mentioned above at least temporarily professed sympathy with fascism - not least as the greatest bulwark against communism. 5 Second, Russian fascism and, in particular, Rodzaevskii’s All-Russian Fascist Party can serve as case studies

Fascism for the British Audience

The Communist Party of Great Britain’s Analysis of Fascism in Theory and Practice

Lewis Young

democracy.’ 67 Highlighting the fascist attack on Spain allowed the cpgb to draw parallels with Britain, much more so than if the Soviet Union was under attack. The civil war showed the world fascism’s contempt for democracy, and its willingness to usurp it through any means. It also put the British

Fascism without Borders

Transnational Connections and Co-operation between Movements and Regimes in Europe from 1918 to 1945 Freie Universität Berlin, 19–21 June 2014

Alessandro Salvador

used sport and leisure activities to ‘fascistize’ Italian youth both at home and abroad. She also demonstrated how Mosley’s British Union of Fascists imported the model of youth camps, at the same time underlining how the youth activities of the buf differed from Italian Fascism. Women did not play

Tamir Bar-On

violence and genocide. For a more thorough understanding of clerical fascism, national context matters. So, for example, the Church hierarchy in Ireland never supported the fascist Blueshirts; some clerics within the British Union of Fascists hoped to reconcile Christian faith and fascism; and the Catholic

Dan Tamir

political constellation and a specific moment in modern history. Ernst Nolte argued that the era of fascism is actually identical with the era of the World Wars. 4 Other scholars saw fascism as an unique European phenomenon, confining its geo- During the 1920s and 1930s, fascist movements and groups

Mussolini Predicted a Fascist Century: How Wrong Was He?

Third Lecture on Fascism – Amsterdam – 22 March 2019

Roger Griffin

resistance front which in its own way is as important now under the European Union (with or without Britain) as it was under the Nazis’ ‘European New Order’. 1 The Lecture on Fascism is organised every two years by the niod Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies and Fascism. Journal of

Ignacio de la Rasilla del Moral

Spanish Republic and led to a variety of ‘anomalous’ international legal situations took place at the very outset of the Spanish Civil War. Aware of the logistical support Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy had provided the anti-Republican forces with, in the summer of 1936 the British and French governments

Martin Kristoffer Hamre

’s party the British Union of Fascists (BUF) on a micro level. Salvatore Garau, ‘The Internationalisation of Italian Fascism in the Face of German National Socialism, and its Impact on the British Union of Fascists,’ Politics, Religion & Ideology 15 (2014), 45–63. 14 One example for direct transnational


Ignacio de la Rasilla del Moral

social defence’, he had contributed prominently to the project of the Spanish Criminal Code of 1928, considered one of the proto ‘fascist’ criminal codes in Europe. At the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, Saldaña had sought political asylum at the Cuban embassy fearing for his life in a besieged Madrid