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Nasir Uddin, Hasan Mahmud Faisal and Rubaiya Zannat

1 Introduction Emerging economies have abundant renewable energy sources, such as solar energy, wind, geothermal, and hydropower as well as non-renewable energy resources, such as petroleum, natural gas, coal, and uranium. However, the production of electricity in both urban and rural areas in

Anna Santini, Joshua Pearce and Jennifer DeSilva

© Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2009 DOI: 10.1163/156853508X394526 Worldviews 13 (2009) 92-118 WORLDVIEWS Solar Photovoltaic Energy for Mitigation of Climate Change: A Catalytic Application of Catholic Social Th ought * Joshua M. Pearce, a Anna L. Santini, b and Jennifer M

Zhu, Rong

Abstract This paper introduces the current state of wind and solar energy resource development and utilization in China. Existing challenges are introduced and power potential, spatial distribution, and development costs are analyzed. The results reveal that wind and solar energy resources

Jerry Harris

University, Professor of History 3300 N. Campbell Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618 GSA/North America Secretary E-mail: Abstract Sustainable energy use is rapidly developing, often with state support and patriotic political rhetoric. But the solar and wind energy industries are highly

Xiaohua Li

. This study will focus on the pv industry for two reasons. The most important is that renewable energy includes solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy, and geothermal energy. Although solar energy is currently not the largest source of renewable energy, it has long been seen as the clean energy


radiation measurement. His magnum opus was the so- called electric compensating pyrheliometer, a device for measuring the heat content of radiation, for instance to study the energy distribution in spectra. The instrument was launched as a finished product around 1900, rapidly enjoying a widespread use, and

Juan R. I. Cole

a celebrated paper that “with every doubling of production and shipments of panels, there has been a 20 percent reduction in the cost of panels” (Hunt 2014). That is, solar energy will become increasingly less expensive over time. If it is already competitive with natural gas in some markets, in a

Soboyejo and Otiti

Limited Contribution of Photovoltaic Energy Technology to Economic Development • 69 Limited Contribution of Photovoltaic Energy Technology to Economic Development of Sub-Saharan Africa T. O titi * and W.O. S oboyejo ** A bstract This paper argues that the cost of solar PV system is beyond the