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Rafael Márquez, Jaime Bosch and Xavier Eekhout

Intensity of female preference for call source level in midwife toads Alytes cisternasii and A. obstetricans Rafael Márquez , Jaime Bosch & Xavier Eekhout 1) (Fonoteca Zoológica, Departamento de Biodiversidad y Biología Evolutiva, Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, José Gutiérrez Abascal 2

Daniel Lieberfeld

© Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2008 DOI: 10.1163/138234008X298002 International Negotiation 13 (2008) 133–146 Secrecy and “Two-Level Games” in the Oslo Accord: What the Primary Sources Tell Us Daniel Lieberfeld * Center for Social and Public Policy, Duquesne University, 600

Bilun Müller

393 EC Legislation Concerning Renewable Energy Sources: Promotion at the Community Level and Implementation in Germany Bilun Müller* I. Introduction and background 1. Introduction At present renewable energies only play a minor role in the EU's energy production (in 2001 : 6 % 1). ). In the

Reading Medieval Sources is a peer-reviewed series of handbooks providing high-level, analytical surveys of different genres of medieval sources. The volumes provide balanced accounts of the development and prevalence of the source, as well as critical evaluations of their use and value as historical sources, and also offer an overview of the state of scholarship and synthesis of debate. The books are multi-author volumes, thoroughly planned out at an editorial level to ensure comprehensiveness and cohesion, maximising their value to the medievalist at every scholarly level.

Wes Raykowski

framework in which the target concept is viewed as being stratified in a way that can be described by the experiential framework of the source domain. This imposition can be observed in phrases such as the level of linguistic theory, the level of current scholarship, and the level of analysis. Although

Zacklin, Ralph

Development pp. 118-119 The Marginalization Of International Legal Institutions pp. 119-120 This chapter is part of: Colloques | Workshop Series > The right to development at the international level Chapter information DOI: 10.1163/ej.9789028609907.10-446.31 Pages in print edition: 115-120 Colloques

Bertram I. Spector

engaged in negotiation, power is becoming more diffuse. States are not the only source of negotiating influence. The acceptance of cso s into the process can level the playing field between national governments and the cso s to the point where governments can feel insecure and they can retract their

Volker Oschmann

478 Renewable Energy Sources in European Law: an Overview Volker Oschmann* This article gives an overview of the European legal framework on renewable energy sources, that is those European legal provisions whose objective is to increase the exploitation of renewable energy sources in the

Moshe J. Bernstein

on which the composer of the Apocryphon drew. 41 If, however, we do not demand the existence of that extra level of sources between 1Enoch/Jubilees and the Apocryphon, then we must view at least some of the first-person material as the product of the final composer and consider its presence to be