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[Nawāḍir al-Ayk fī Nawādir al-Nayk: An New Edition of al-Suyūṭī's Work on Erotica Literature]
هذه الطبعة من كتاب نواضر الأيك في نوادر النيك للعلامة الإسلامي جلال الدين السيوطي، والتي كثيرا ما أثارت الجدل في الأوساط العلمية والشعبية على حد سواء، مهمة جدا من عدة جوانب. إنها ليست فقط الطبعة العلمية الأولى للأعمال المثيرة الشعبية التي كتبها السيوطي أو المنسوبة إليه، ولكنها أيضًا دراسة متعمقة لهذه الأعمال وبعض مصادرها التي لم تتم دراسة معظمها بعد.
لقد تم إهمال هذا النوع من الأدب الأيروتيكي العربي في فترة ما قبل الحداثة منذ فترة طويلة من قبل الباحثين الجادين والعديد من الأعمال الموجودة معيبة، لكنه الآن يتوسع بسرعة، وهناك حاجة ماسة إلى طبعات ودراسات موثوقة. سيكون هذا العمل مهمًا جدًا للباحثين والطلاب المهتمين بالأدب العربي و/أو وجهات النظر الإسلامية حول الحياة الجنسية، لأن الطبعات عادة ما تكون غير نقدية، وبالتالي غير مرضية، في حين أن هذه الطبعة مصنوعة باستخدام دراسات موثوقة وتفي بمعايير الطبعة الاستثنائية.

This edition of Nawāḍir al-Ayk fī Nawādir al-Nayk by the Islamic scholar Jalāl al-Dīn al-Suyūṭī, which has often sparked controversy in scholarly and popular circles alike, is very important from several aspects. It is not only the first scholarly edition of popular erotic works written by or attributed to al-Suyūṭī, but also an in-depth study of these works and some of their sources that most of which are understudied.
The genre of premodern Arabic erotic literature has long been neglected by serious scholars and many of the existing works are flawed, but now it is rapidly expanding, and there is a critical need of reliable editions and studies. This work will be very important for scholars and students who are interested in Arabic literature and/or Islamic perspectives on sexuality, because the editions are usually uncritical and, hence, unsatisfactory, whereas this edition is made using reliable studies and meets the standards of an exceptional edition.
In this collected volume, members of the Kalīla and Dimna project discuss, from different perspectives, a core aspect of their work with this textual tradition: the study of variation and mutability. The aim is to shed light on Kalīla and Dimna’s so-called mouvance and establish typologies of textual mobility and instability across linguistic traditions and historical periods, as well as to develop analytical tools to describe, classify, represent, and interpret these dynamics. As will be shown, the progressive digitalization of philology in the last decades has offered the unique opportunity of putting the concept of mouvance into practice.

Contributors: Theodore S. Beers, Jan J. van Ginkel, Beatrice Gründler, Khouloud Khalfallah, Mahmoud Kozae, Rima Redwan, Johannes Stephan, Isabel Toral.
This book's primary task is to test the contemporary value of performance and performativity. Performative Identities in Culture: From Literature to Social Media undertakes this task via a host of chapters on a vast spectrum of performativity-related topics such as: literature (British, American, Welsh), film, art, social media, and sports. Within these contexts, the book raises a number of questions relevant today. How is minority culture constructed and performed in literature? How can one manifest identity in multicultural contexts? How has performativity been transformed in audiovisual media, like film, video games and social media? And, can the digital itself be performative?