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Literary, Cultural and Political Essays, 2009–2021
Crisis and Criticism is a series of interventions from 2009 to 2021 engaging with the literary, cultural and political responses to the capitalist crisis of 2007–8. Challenging the tendency to treat crisis as natural and beyond human control, this book interrogates our cultural understanding of crisis and suggests the necessity of ruthless criticism of the existing world. While responses to crisis have retreated from the critical, choosing to inhabit apocalyptic fantasies instead, only a critical understanding of the causes of crisis within capitalism itself can promise their eventual overcoming.
Dreamwork for Dramatic Writing: Dreamwrighting for Stage and Screen teaches you how to use your dreams, content, form, and structure, to write surprisingly unique new drama for film and stage. It is an exciting departure from traditional linear, dramatic technique, and addresses both playwriting and screenwriting, as the profession is increasingly populated by writers who work in both stage and screen. Developed through 25 years of teaching award-winning playwrights in the University of Missouri’s Writing for Performance Program, and based upon the phenomenological research of renowned performance theorist Bert O. States, this book offers a foundational, step-by-step organic guide to non-traditional, non-linear technique that will help writers beat clichéd, tired dramatic writing and provides stimulating new exercises to transform their work.
Capter « la texture du monde » : du geste esthétique au geste politique
« J’écris avec la géographie » explique Maylis de Kerangal, ou avec les géographies a-t-on envie d’ajouter, tant ses textes explorent les divers aspects de cette discipline en s’attachant aussi bien à la beauté des espaces qu’à la manière de les habiter. Cette première étude monographique consacrée à l’œuvre montre que les lieux construisent la narration, influencent l’écriture et permettent à l’esthétique et à l’éthique de se joindre en une « poéthique » qui exalte le monde et sublime les personnages dans des socio-épopées d’une grande puissance narrative. Sans être naïf, cet élan créateur est le fruit d’une réflexion politique proche du care et des nouvelles formes d’engagement littéraire par l’attention portée aux autres comme au respect des fondamentaux démocratiques.

“I write with geography” Maylis de Kerangal explains. With geographies would be more accurate as her texts encompass the different aspects of this discipline showing the beauty of spaces as well as the way they are inhabited. This first monographic study of the work demonstrates the way places build the narration, influence the writing and allows a