Now Online: SHAFR Guide Online: An Annotated Bibliography of U.S. Foreign Relations since 1600


A near-comprehensive, 2.1 million-word online annotated bibliography of historical work covering the entire span of U.S. foreign relations.




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New Online Resource: Weapons of Mass Destruction

The documents in this new online collection - quietly declassified since the late 1970s - explain the role of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons in a series of world crises, how they shaped U.S. and NATO defense and foreign policy during the Cold War, and what incidents and nearly averted disasters happened.

Early American History Series

Discover the latest volumes in this peer-reviewed book series.

U.S. Intelligence on Asia, 1945-1991

The purpose of this unique online collection is to provide students and researchers with the declassified documentary record about the successes and failures of the U.S. intelligence community in the Far East during the Cold War (1945-1991).