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Research on all aspects of avant-garde and avant-gardism in modern literature, theatre, music, visual and applied arts, architecture and design from the late nineteenth century to the present.




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Forthcoming Series: Chinese Texts in the World

A series exploring the divergent paths taken by Chinese texts as they were transmitted, re-interpreted, reinvented, and further disseminated beyond China in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas.

Forthcoming Series: DQR Studies in the Lyric

The series will focus on work on the theory of poetry, lyric and verse. It welcomes investigations which deepen or revise traditional approaches and especially encourages studies that advance fresh, transdisciplinary frameworks.

Forthcoming Series: Postcolonial Lives

Series of interpretative auto/biographies of postcolonial subjects, which focuses intensively on lives that have been lived as well as made in a postcolonial condition, and in proximity to an expanded field of alterity.


Acquisitions Editors

Masja Horn

English, German, Slavic and Spanish literatures, Comparative studies and World literature, Translation studies, Modernist studies, and Literature, Arts & Science


Christa Stevens

French and Francophone literatures, Postcolonial literature and culture, Ecocriticism, Theatre studies and Gender studies


Maurits van den Boogert

Encyclopaedia of Islam, Manuscripts and Printing, Jews and Christians in the Islamic World, Ottoman and Turkish Studies, Primary Sources, Text Editions Online


Qin Higley

Asian Studies


Kate Hammond

Medieval Studies, Byzantine Studies, History of War and Conflict


Joed Elich

African Studies