Encyclopaedia of Islam Three

Appears in four substantial parts each year, both online and in print. Includes comprehensive coverage of Islam in the twentieth century, attention to Muslim minorities all over the world, full attention to social science as well as humanistic perspectives.



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New: Philosophy in the Islamic World

Devoted to the history of philosophy in the realms of Islam, the first part of this four volume reference work focuses on the eighth to tenth centuries.

Now Available: Brockelmann in English Online

This online publication is the English translation of Brockelmann's famous Geschichte der Arabischen Litteratur (GAL).

Major Update: History of Afghanistan Online

The new content covers life in Afghanistan between 1896 and 1925, and encompasses ca. 3,000 pages in English.


Acquisitions Editors

Maurits van den Boogert

Encyclopaedia of Islam, Manuscripts and Printing, Jews and Christians in the Islamic World, Ottoman and Turkish Studies, Primary Sources, Text Editions Online


Nicolette van der Hoek

Islamic Law, Modern Middle East, Women and Gender Studies, Sufi Studies/Mysticism


Kathy van Vliet-Leigh

History, Philology, Art & Architecture, Literature, Russia/Eurasia & Islam, Iran & Persian Studies


Joed Elich

Maghrib Studies, Qur’anic Studies, Islamic Philosophy, Index Islamicus, Islam & Asia